Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Aggressiveness

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"Shangguan Xi? The top fashion designer in our country who won the gold award in the biggest international fashion design event last year? That Shangguan Xi?"

"The media wanted to interview her on so many occasions, but she rejected them all. I didnt expect her to actually appear here today!"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was enlightened. No wonder she thought that this woman looked a little familiar just now.

She now understood the reason why Shangguan Xi would appear here. It was already obvious. Everything was set up by Su Maner!

The program was a live broadcast. Su Maner wanted to use such a platform and borrow Shangguan Xi to expose her own lie.

When this was broadcast later, everyone would think that she was a woman who was vain and full of lies.

So ruthless!

Shangguan Xi no longer paid attention to the program teams eagerly attentive faces and stared coldly at Lin Wanwan.

"Im telling you, Master Jennifer is not someone a person like you can casually create rumors about. I dont want to talk to you anymore. Since the people from the TV station are here, I want you to say in their presence that the outfit you wore on the red carpet that day was not a designer work by Master Jennifer. Its a lie that you created because youre vain!"

Shangguan Xis words were like a tossed stone raising a thousand ripples. Most of the people who were still initially wondering why she was here finally understood.

"Lin Wanwan actually said that her outfit was designed by Master Jennifer? Oh my god, she dared to create such a lie"

"Jennifer is a legend in the world of fashion design. I bet Lin Wanwan doesnt even know who she is. How is it possible she designed an outfit for her? Its not wrong that a celebrity would like to be eye-catching, but she has to be realistic and down-to-earth too. I think such a behavior is overboard. Shame on her!"

Due to the relationship between Lin Wanwan and Tang Chen, they did not dare to go too overboard with their words either. However, the looks of rejection and disdain on their faces could not be hidden.

Shangguan Xi said word by word, "Lin Wanwan, say it quickly. After that, I want you to apologize to Master Jennifer!"

Seeing how Lin Wanwan was being attacked by everyone, Xia Yili, who was standing on the outermost side, pulled up the mask on her face. Her eyes behind the sunglasses were carefree!

She put on her earphones, took out her mobile, and switched on the video call function. She then aimed the camera at Lin Wanwan.

"Sister Maner, do you see this?"

"Yes. Haha, what a sorry state shes in. Look at her pitiful look!"

Xia Yili curved up the corner of her lips. "This scene is being broadcast live. Jennifers status carries weight in the international arena. Once word of this matter gets out, Lin Wanwan will not lead such a easy life in the future"

Su Maner smiled meaningfully. "This is something good as she can be made famous. Of course we have to help with this promotion."

"Haha, youre right!"

After speaking, both of them looked at each other and smiled. They continued to enjoy Lin Wanwan making a fool out of herself.

"Enough!" Facing such aggressiveness, Lin Wanwan took a deep breath. She had a wronged look on her face that made her seem extremely like a child who was being bullied.

"I never once said whose work that outfit was. Even if I did, what evidence do you have to prove that Im lying?"

Regardless of what happens in the future, she must cross this stage today.

Upon hearing this, everyone calmed down slightly and looked at one another.

However, Shangguan Xi laughed. "Youre still unrepentant! Ok, if you feel that I have wronged you, take out that outfit immediately. We will know once and for all if that is a work by Master Jennifer!"

Everyone agreed to this sentence unanimously.

Seeing that everyone was urging her with their eyes, Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth. "Actually"