Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 266

Chapter 266 I Am Jennifer..

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She wanted to be honest and say that she borrowed the outfit from someone and had now returned it.

Even though it was a little embarrassing, she could shut these people up temporarily at the very least. She could find another way to remedy it later.

However, Lin Wanwan had only said this one word when a clear male voice came from afar. “Excuse me, I need to look for Lin Wanwan.”

The people gathered around the door subconsciously turned their heads. A young man in a suit holding a red gift box walked over quickly.

The moment she saw him, Lin Wanwan’s heart beat fast.

Why was Gu Mo here? Could it be

Passing through the crowd, Gu Mo headed in front of Lin Wanwan and handed the gift box over. “The outfit has already been washed. Sir asked me to send it over.”

Lin Wanwan secretly complained in her heart. It was exactly the same as she had guessed!

There was so much time. Why did Lu Zhanbei have to pick such a timing I feel like I’m being conned!

Lin Wanwan wanted to cry, but she forced a smile on the outside. She was about to receive the box and hide it when suddenly, a hand reached out horizontally out of nowhere.

Shangguan Xi snatched away the box. “Outfit? Could this be the work that you claimed Master Jennifer had designed?”

After saying this, she opened the lid.

“You” Lin Wanwan wanted to stop her but Gu Mo grabbed her arm. “Ignore her, Sir has prepared a surprise for you.”

After speaking, he handed a mobile over. “Take a look!”

Lin Wanwan was in no mood for surprises now. However, it was too late for her to stop anything.

Not only had Shangguan Xi opened the lid of the gift box, the rest had also swarmed towards her and surrounded her, taking a look at the neatly folded white outfit inside.

“Yes, this is the one!”

“Wow! This outfit looks so pretty even from a close distance. The broken diamonds are so scarily dazzling. All aspects feel ingenious.”

“It’s still a fake however pretty it is. In order to steal the limelight and capture attention, using this is really an unscrupulous tactic!”

“Teacher Shangguan, take a closer look quickly!”

Everyone talked among themselves. Lin Wanwan glanced at Shangguan Xi, who was looking at the outfit, and could not help but sigh.

She was really done for this time

Once this was exposed, she would definitely become a rat running across the street.

She had experienced all kinds of scenes before. To think that she would actually lose to a piece of clothing in the end.

Lin Wanwan dared not think how this matter would develop later on. Gu Mo was still urging her, “Stop being in a daze. Open it quickly!”

After giving him a weary glance, Lin Wanwan helplessly opened her mobile.

The screen lit up. After that, a video started to play automatically.

“Hi. Dear Ms. Wanwan, how are you?”

A gentle and elegant female voice that carried a hint of vicissitude could be heard suddenly. A woman’s face appeared on the screen.

She wore a big white hat. Although small wrinkles were visible on her face under the hat, the glory of her youth could still be seen.

Especially that exceptionally deep pair of blue eyes. It was very charming.

She spoke poor Xia language. As she was not familiar with it, it was inevitable it sounded a little sloppy. “I’m Jennifer”

Once this name was uttered, Shangguan Xi, who was inspecting the outfit, shivered violently!

She was stunned for exactly three seconds. Then, she leaned over quickly. “Let me see!”

Lin Wanwan was nearly knocked down to the ground by her.

When Shangguan Xi looked at the familiar face on the screen, she widened her eyes in disbelief. “Master Jennifer, it’s really her!”

“What?” The rest were shocked too and hurriedly squeezed over.