Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 267

Chapter 267 The Truth Was Out

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On the screen, Jennifer continued to say gently, “I have already seen the photos of you on the red carpet. Dear, you’re really too beautiful. The outfit that I designed for you really suits you. You’re just like a fairy”

Hearing this, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Lin Wanwan’s outfit was really by Jennifer!


Xia Yili, who was among the crowd, had been shocked long ago.

“This is impossible!” The smug look on Su Maner’s face, who was on the other end of the video call, had completely disappeared. Thinking that victory was in her hands, she was now at a loss on what to do.

There was a 180-degree reversal on the matter. She could not accept it at all. “How is it possible that Lin Wanwan knows Master Jennifer? This isn’t true! It’s not!”

Xia Yili also gritted her teeth bitterly. Damned! She had wasted so much effort and made so many arrangements. Everything was lost just like that.

“ If I have the chance, I would really like to meet you. Pretty elf, I wish you happiness every day.”

The video stopped here abruptly. The entire scene fell to a dead silence.

The truth was finally out. Everyone recalled how they had disparaged Lin Wanwan before and their faces were hot to the touch. Some of the staff personnel were so embarrassed that they lowered their heads.

No one dared to take the initiative to start talking. Shangguan Xi was the first to recover herself, and she grabbed Lin Wanwan’s hand!

“Little girl, how did you know Jennifer?”

Lin Wanwan had a look of confusion. Could she say that she didn’t know her at all?

A master designer’s outfit was actually described by Lu Zhanbei as “making good use of waste material.” Would his conscience not hurt

Seeing that she remained silent, Shangguan Xi said anxiously, “I’ve misunderstood you and caused you to be insulted for no reason. I apologize to you here! Sorry, I hope you can forgive me. To make up for my fault, I’m willing to be your fashion designer for a year for free. Will that do?”

Everyone was shocked. For a designer at Shangguan Xi’s level, one would have to wait for her schedule regardless of how wealthy he or she was. She was actually willing to be Lin Wanwan’s personal designer for a year now? For free?

Seeing that Shangguan Xi had said such words, Lin Wanwan gave her some face. “I don’t know her. It’s my friend who does.”

“So it’s like that” Shangguan Xi nodded as she was enlightened.

She did not ask further in front of so many people. Her stern eyes swept across everyone, who was embarrassed. “All of you are like me, owing Lin Wanwan an apology. Don’t blindly pick up news in the future!”

Everyone smiled in embarrassment and stepped forward. “Sorry, Wanwan. We have misunderstood you.”

Lin Wanwan waved her hands generously. “No worries, no worries. I have a small brain capacity to begin with. I don’t have extra space to bear grudges.”

The more she said such nice words, the more everyone felt embarrassed.

Someone suddenly mumbled, “It’s all Xia Yili’s fault. She’s the one who brought us here, saying that there was some news and some surprise. Now that I think about it, this matter’s quite fishy. It was as if she knew what was going to happen!”

The rest looked at one another. The more they thought about it, the more they felt something was amiss.

“Where is Xia Yili?”

“I don’t know. Did any one of you see Xia Yili?”

Amidst the commotion, Xia Yili, who was hiding among the crowd, realized that the situation was unfavorable. She turned around and left.

Not only did she work for nothing, she even let Lin Wanwan take advantage of this opportunity to be in the limelight and wash away the suspicions that her outfit was fake!

Xia Yili ranted secretly as she walked. As she walked away in a panicked state, she bumped into someone out of nowhere.