Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Lin Wanwan Who Exactly Are You?

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"Oh!" Liu Zilin, who was in school uniform, lightly rubbed her forehead that was painful from the knock. She complained, "How do you walk!"

The other partys sunglasses had been knocked off. She did not have time to reach for it before Liu Zilin inadvertently glanced at her half-exposed face. The little black mole above the right eyebrow was very recognizable.

"You are Xia Yili?!"

Liu Zilins voice was quite loud, and it immediately attracted the attention of people not too far away.

Xia Yilis expression changed and she took off immediately!

Liu Zilin also saw that there was a group of people in front of her and thought something was going on. She rushed over, caught her wrist, and shouted, "Xia Yilis here! Come and film her!"

"Let go of me!" Seeing that the crowd was rushing over, Xia Yili was anxious and she struggled hard. However, Liu Zilin held her even more tightly.

At this moment, she heard from the earphones Su Maner saying quickly, "Xia Yili, you were the one who took the initiative to find me back then. You have to bear the consequences of this alone and not say any word about me. If not, I will make sure your whole family dies!"

Su Maners tone was cold and full of murderous intent. She knew in her heart that Xia Yili could not run away from this and decided to make minor sacrifices to safeguard major interests.

The lit mobile screen became dark in an instant.

Xia Yili went cold and even forgot to continue to struggle.

She was really done for this time

A group of people had already surrounded Xia Yili closely.

The program director started the attack, "Did you plan all of this? Treating us as guns and deliberately leading us here. Did you want us to misunderstand Lin Wanwan?"

The other staff personnel also started to blame her with angry looks.

As it was a huge commotion earlier, the students who stayed in school were attracted over as well.

All of them saw what had happened. Now that the truth was out, they immediately started scolding her.

"What feud do you have with Wanwan? Why must you harm her like this!"

"I know. I have an aunt who works at Jewelry City. She told me that Lin Wanwan bought a necklace that Xia Yili couldnt afford. I suspect shes nursing a grudge against that!"

"So shameless?! You dont blame yourself for being poor when you cant afford something but instead find Lin Wanwan to cause trouble? Is that reason enough for you just because youre poor?"

"So disgusting!"

Liu Zilin, who had figured out the situation, rolled her eyes and said, "Pooh!"

Xia Yili, who was being attacked, was now pale. She kept stepping back. People were everywhere around her. She had nowhere to run and could only shake her head. She said in a panicky state, "No, its not me go away I havent done anything!"

Not knowing when Lin Wanwan squeezed in, she suddenly asked, "If its not you, then who was it?"


Xia Yili, who wanted to subconsciously answer her question, recovered herself. As she looked at Lin Wanwan, who was still so beautiful even without makeup, waves of hatred surged up in her heart. She gritted her teeth and asked, "Lin Wanwan, who exactly are you?!"

Lin Wanwans heart tightened. Could it be that Xia Yili found out something?

Very quickly, she realized she was thinking too much.

Xia Yili seemed to have been driven crazy. She broke down and shouted, "You are just a newbie who debuted not too long ago. You lost the support of the Lin family as well. On what basis did you get to have limitless blank checks? On what basis again did you get to know Master Jennifer? Have you been hiding everything well, or are you deliberately pretending to be weak to deliver a fatal blow!"

Everyone uncontrollably looked over at Lin Wanwan. They were so shocked that they sucked in a cold breath of air.

She actually had limitless blank checks how much was she hiding?!