Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 269

Chapter 269 It Was Only A Slight Difference Between Heaven And Hell

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Lin Wanwan tilted her head. Her innocent look carried a few hints of confusion.

“You don’t know me at all. Why are you making up stuff about me? Who said that I don’t have formidable family and friends?”

Everyone seemingly understood and nodded.

They did not know much about Lin Wanwan, and thus, they naturally did not know what her bottom line was.

Furthermore, they did not forget that young Tang was her pursuer. Perhaps, young Tang was helping with all of these.

Thankfully, Lin Wanwan did not know the thoughts of these people. If not, she would definitely issue Lu Zhanbei a sympathy card.

“Xia Yili, if you are not the one who arranged this, can you tell me who did? If you have any difficulties, say them out. Everyone will forgive you.”

Lin Wanwan was very clear that the culprit was Su Maner.

Since Su Maner dared to lay a hand on her, don’t blame her for retaliating then!

Xia Yili’s expression started to shift like the clouds. Su Maner single-handedly planned this from the start to the end, and she was just an executor.

If it was possible, she would of course be willing to explain everything. However

That ruthless warning sounded in her ears appropriately then. Xia Yili shivered. She’d been in the entertainment circle for a period of time. Even if she wasn’t clear about Su Maner’s backing, she had heard a lot about it.

Once Su Maner asked that person to make a move, her own family would

Fear and despair flashed past Xia Yili’s eyes. In the end, it turned resolute.

“There’s no one else. It’s me!”

She jerked up her head and shouted crazily at Lin Wanwan, “We are all newbies. What gives you the right to press me down every time and let me make a fool out of myself in public? You even stole the limelight during the Silver Deer Movie Festival! I wasn’t willing to take this lying down so I want you to lose all standing and reputation!”

Lin Wanwan glanced at her. It looked like Su Maner had already done all the preparatory work.

“Is that so?” Lin Wanwan had an indifferent look. “Then there’s nothing more we can talk about. I wish you all the best.”

She could not be bothered to waste her breath on people who refused to realize their mistakes. After speaking, she turned her back.

Xia Yili wanted to leave too. However, she was tightly surrounded by an angry crowd. Waves of scoldings drowned her, and the looks of disdain left her with nowhere to hide.

In the end, she screamed loudly, “Ah!!!”

Lin Wanwan turned her head and looked from afar.

In this lifetime, people will face countless crossroads.

It was only a slight difference between heaven and hell.

This was Xia Yili’s own decision.

From Shangguan Xi going to the hostel to find fault to the end of the matter, everything was clearly presented live in front of the audience.

During this period of time, the comments on the program’s official Weibo account were like a sensation on the Internet.

The suspicion of Lin Wanwan’s fake outfit was washed away. As Jennifer strongly supported her, she was once again pushed to the top of the trending topic.

As for Xia Yili, her company immediately released the news that she would be in hiding.

This incident was gaining momentum. Lin Wanwan pretended not to see and continued to stay low-profile while being high-profile at work.

After Lin Wanwan left, Shangguan Xi followed along too.

Lin Wanwan did not take her earlier promise to heart. “It’s a misunderstanding today. You don’t have to take it to heart.”

“No, I meant what I said!”

She insisted on her views. Lin Wanwan had no choice but to compromise. The two exchanged contact information.

When she was sending Shangguan Xi off the campus, Shangguan Xi hesitated for a while. She pulled Lin Wanwan’s hand and said in a low voice, “I suspect Su Maner was the one who arranged all of this today.”

After thinking carefully on what Su Maner had said to her previously, it was all too suspicious. It was as if she was deliberately egging her on to look for Lin Wanwan for trouble.