Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Small Sick Cat Attacks

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On Friday, Lin Wanwan prepared to head back to the Lin family to pack her things.

These last few days, when she returned home, she had been lucky not to have bumped into Tao Xinyue. However, Lin Wanwan knew that she could not pretend to be a fool forever. She would be seen through by her sooner or later. Thus, she applied for student hostel accommodation.

This day, she was not so lucky. When she entered the living room, she saw Tao Xinyue seated on the sofa. Lin Qinghao was not at home.

Tao Xinyue glanced at Lin Wanwan, who was standing by the door, and asked with a fake smile, “I heard you went to study at Imperial Capital High School?”

“ Yes.”

Tao Xinyue raged when she saw her timid look. “Why are you standing like a stone there? Quickly, come in! So stupid!”

Lin Wanwan quietly walked over with her head down. “I’ll go upstairs.”


Tao Xinyue called her with her legs crossed, looking all mighty and superior.

“Clear the rubbish on the floor first.”

Lin Wanwan looked at the fruit skin and nut shells at her feet and secretly gritted her teeth.

There were so many servants in the Lin family. Without needing to tell them, they would have taken the initiative to clear the rubbish. It was obvious that Tao Xinyue was tormenting her on purpose.


Lin Wanwan was about to get the broom when Tao Xinyue lifted her chin.

“Use your hands to pick them up.”


What the hell, this hag was really pushing her limits! Did she really thought that she was a sick cat?!

Lin Wanwan endured her anger, walked over, slowly squatted down, and picked up the rubbish on the floor.

Tao Xinyue saw her squatting at her feet and smiled smugly.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan suddenly rubbed the rubbish on her hands onto her snow-white calf. “It’s dirty here too, let me rub away for you!”

She felt a sticky sensation on her skin, and Tao Xinyue subconsciously lowered her head. When she saw her legs covered with yellowish-brown rubbish, she immediately exclaimed.

“Lin Wanwan, you slut! Look at what you’ve done!”

She was so angry that her whole body was trembling. She kicked her foot at her.

Lin Wanwan was prepared for this and avoided the kick by moving her body to the side.

Tao Xinyue’s foot hit the edge of the table, and a sharp pain radiated from her toes. It was so painful that her face became distorted.

“You, you how dare you!”

Seeing Tao Xinyue lying on the sofa, her body starting to spasm from the pain, Lin Wanwan “panicked” and leaned over. Both her dirty hands landed on Tao Xinyue’s face, and she took the opportunity to wipe it more.

Only until she completely messed up Tao Xinyue’s perfectly made face did she shout with satisfaction, “Don’t faint, Wanwan will save you!”

After saying so, she used her right thumb to pinch Tao Xinyue’s philtrum hard.


Tao Xinyue’s screams were tragic.

“Oh, don’t scream! Don’t scare Wanwan!”

Pinch again!

Lin Wanwan pretty much squeezed out every ounce of strength left in the woman.

Tao Xinyue waved both hands and struggled hard, but Lin Wanwan would not relent.

Seeing that her philtrum was about to bleed from the pinches, the servants finally rushed over.


Tsk.Lin Wanwan could only stop in regret.

“Quick, quickly beat this slut to death!”

Tao Xinyue was hurting all over; she screamed this loudly. The nut shells that were stuck to her face fell to the ground. Coupled with the traces of blood from the philtrum, it was a pretty funny sight.

Lin Wanwan nearly laughed out loud. The servants hesitated for a while and said weakly, “Missus, if Master learns about this”

“What are you scared of? He’s not around now!”

Tao Xinyue shouted again, “Go! If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility!”

“ Yes.”

The servants looked at one another and bravely stepped forward.

Lin Wanwan took out her mobile without panicking and switched on the video function. With a fearful look, she said, “Father said that if anyone in this house beats Wanwan, Wanwan can record it down and let him see”