Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Believe In Me To Have Eternal Life

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“I know.” Lin Wanwan smiled and did not explain further.

“It’s good you know in your heart. Her godfather comes from a strong background. Don’t confront her unless it’s necessary, so as not to get into trouble.”

“Thank you, Teacher.”

“Don’t be polite with me. I’ll get going first. I’ll take care of your clothes for all major activities in the future. In addition, I’ll do four sets of daily outfits for you for each of the four seasons in the year.”

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to refuse, she already got on the car.

Seeing that Shangguan Xi’s car had driven far, Lin Wanwan did not return to school. She took a taxi to Ruan Baoer’s condominium.

When she arrived at the condominium downstairs, she saw Ruan Baoer dressed as a small fox fairy alighting from a taxi.

Seeing Lin Wanwan, she excitedly ran over and twirled two full rounds. “How is it? I cosplayed as a small fox fairy and got first place in the gathering. Am I very cute?”

Lin Wanwan touched her fox ears, smiled, and nodded. “Cute, cute. Let’s go upstairs and talk.”


After returning to the condominium, Ruan Baoer was hungry. Lin Wanwan went to the kitchen to cook noodles for her.

Ruan Baoer reached out to grab it. Lin Wanwan raised her hands and avoided her movements. She smiled and said, “Do you want to eat?”

“Yes” Ruan Baoer had an unwavering look as she stared at the bowl.

“Then tell me, how did you know that my outfit was by Master Jennifer?”

“” Ruan Baoer was suddenly stunned.

After a while, she pouted her lips in dissatisfaction. “How can you threaten me? That’s too much!”

Lin Wanwan half-laughed and raised her eyebrows. “If you continue to play dumb, I can go even more overboard. For instance you seeing me eat.”

Both of them started to look at each other in consternation. In the end, Ruan Baoer collapsed her shoulders, crossed her fingers, and said weakly, “Actually, I just casually weaved a lie. I just wanted to suppress that woman’s arrogance back then. Jennifer is a legend in the fashion design world. Of course it would be the best to use her!”

She said it more and more fluently. In the end, she thrust her chest forward, as if saying “believe in me to have eternal life.”

Lin Wanwan laughed. “Really?”


Lin Wanwan never looked at her again. She picked up her chopsticks and started eating.

Ruan Baoer started to be anxious. “Put down my noodles!”

Lin Wanwan ignored her and continued eating. She was initially not hungry. However, after seeing Ruan Baoer scratch her ears and cheeks in embarrassment, she suddenly thought that the food was delicious.

“Oh, I’ll tell you!”

Seeing that Lin Wanwan was about to finish eating the noodles, Ruan Baoer could no longer sit still.

“My mother likes fashion design and has a bit of a friendship with Jennifer. When I was fifteen, she did a dress for me. That’s when I knew about the unique mark on her works.”

Lin Wanwan’s hand froze. She did not say if she believed her words or not.

“I’m telling the truth!” Her cheeks started to bulge like a cute little frog.

Lin Wanwan held back her laughter. “Ok, I believe you.”

After saying this, she picked up her chopsticks and finished eating the noodles.

Ruan Baoer was speechless.

Lin Wanwan looked at her face filled with hatred and sadness and thought it was funny. “I’ll make you another bowl.”

“Oh yay!” Ruan Baoer came back to life in a second and hugged her waist. “I know you love me the most!”

Lin Wanwan had long guessed that Baoer was not an ordinary person. She did not ask much before as she thought it was unnecessary. However, she did not accept any form of deception.

Trust was like a credit card. The more lies there were, the faster the expenditure. Once it hit zero, the card was abolished.

As long as Baoer said the truth, it was alright even if she still didn’t know about her background. Everyone had their own secrets.