Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 271

Chapter 271 He Has Been Secretly Noticing You

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After making the noodles, Lin Wanwan took out her mobile and prepared to make a call.

“Calling that Mr. Lu?”

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. “Why do you think that way?”

When Ruan Baoer was waiting for her noodles, she had already seen the news on the Internet and chuckled.

“To wash away your suspicions, he went to the extent of getting Jennifer to help you create momentum. What does that say? He has been secretly noticing you. Whenever you’re in trouble, he will immediately step forward. Isn’t that evidence enough of true love?”

Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips lightly and did not rebut. A hint of complicatedness flashed in her heart.

She knew very clearly that Lu Zhanbei treated her well.

He treated her so well that if there wasn’t a clear reason, she would always feel weird in her heart.

Could it be that it was like what the others were saying? Lu Zhanbei liked her?


So many people had been saying that Lu Zhanbei was interested in her. Even if Lin Wanwan didn’t believe this, she would occasionally have some doubt in her heart.

She shook her head to get rid of those nonsensical thoughts and called Si Han.

“If you have something to say, say it quick.” His voice sounded nasal, and it was clear that he had just woken up.

Lin Wanwan pouted her lips in dissatisfaction and told him what had happened today.

With regards to this, Si Han only replied with an “oh”.

Lin Wanwan was bursting with question marks. “What does ‘oh’ mean?”

“It means your performance was not bad.”

“And then?”

“There’s still an ‘and then’?” Si Han’s tone rose.

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered to beat around the bush with this manager that was deliberately playing dumb. She went straight to the point, “I’m being bullied this time around. You have to get back at them for me. I have already dealt with Xia Yili by myself, but there’s still Su Maner. You have to think of ways to get back at her!”

It was not in her character to swallow insults and humiliation silently. It was her style to return like for like.

Si Han laughed lightly, carrying a hint of hatred. “On what basis do I have to help you?”

“You’re my artist manager!”

“Number one, we don’t have a contract. Number two, I have never accepted a single cent of yours. Number three, I call the shots when I want to be your artist manager. All in all, it’s the same.”


Lin Wanwan’s fists tightened and loosened, loosened and tightened. Just as Si Han was about to hang up the call, she looked at Ruan Baoer.


Ruan Baoer sucked a strand of noodles into her mouth and lifted her head. “Yes?”

“I’ll bring you to see Brother Si Han later!”

Once Ruan Baoer heard this, she immediately clapped her hands. “Great, great! Let’s go now!”

Before Lin Wanwan could do anything, Si Han gritted his teeth and said, “Lin Wanwan, good for you!”

She snorted gleefully. She could eat him whole in the past. In this lifetime, she could do so too.

Knowing that Si Han had agreed to it, Lin Wanwan added another sentence. “Just a light scratch to the surface will do. I don’t want to force Su Maner to take desperate measures if pushed over the wall and then fight it all out with me. I just want to give her a lesson so that she doesn’t have time to find me for trouble.”

“So much bullsh*t!” Si Han snapped at her then hung up the call.

Lin Wanwan laid on the sofa, satisfied. She sat cross-legged and hummed a tune.

At night, she and Ruan Baoer squeezed onto a bed to sleep. She could not sleep despite tossing and turning for a long time.

After leaning against the bed frame for a long time, she took out her mobile from under the pillow and sent Lu Zhanbei a message.

“Thank you for Jennifer.”

Not long after the message was sent, Lu Zhanbei gave her a call