Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Chase First Sleep Later

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"Its so late. Not asleep yet?"

In the dark night, the mans low magnetic voice was even more seductive. Lin Wanwan felt numb in an instant.

She looked at Baoer who was in deep sleep next to her and got off the bed lightly. She walked to the front of the window and pulled open the curtains. She said in a low voice, "Arent you the same? Why are you not resting yet?"

"If I said Im missing you?"

Once Lu Zhanbeis half-joking, half-serious words were said, Lin Wanwans eyelids jumped. She similarly asked half-jokingly and half-seriously, "Saying such ambiguous words in the middle of the night. Do you want to chase me or sleep with me?"

"Chase first, sleep later."


At this moment, Lin Wanwan actually did not know how to respond. That weird feeling was back again.

After struggling for a while, Lin Wanwan finally said jokingly, "Then youre a little too late. Ive already reserved Luo Han. Remember to be earlier in the next lifetime."

Lu Zhanbei gave a low laugh. Nothing strange could be detected. "Ok."

Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. Indeed, she had thought too much.

If Lu Zhanbei really liked her, he would definitely not have reacted this way.

"Im going to sleep. You rest early too."

Lu Zhanbei suddenly stopped her. "What are you planning to do regarding Su Maner? Are you going to swallow it down?"

"Of course not!"

Lu Zhanbei was about to take on everything when he heard her say, "I have already approached Si Han for help. As my manager, he will help me settle this."


Lu Zhanbei subconsciously tightened his hold on the hand holding the mobile. His frowning eyebrows carried with it a hint of oppressiveness.

He already had intimate contact with Lin Wanwan on a few occasions. However, he felt that she was far away from him at times, as if he was unable to walk into her heart no matter how hard he tried.

He even felt that Lin Wanwan was more reliant on Si Han than on him.

She would recklessly ask Si Han for help but always tried to draw the lines between herself and him.

The more he thought about it, the more Lu Zhanbeis face fell.

On the other end, Lin Wanwan yawned. "Im really tired. Goodnight."

" Goodnight."

The call was hung up. Lu Zhanbei looked at the moon hanging in the sky, his beautiful phoenix-shaped eyes dark and gloomy.

If she really dared to run

A hint of darkness flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes, and his body exuded a brewing danger.

Unless it was a last resort, he did not want to go to that step or let her see the craziest side of him.

"Lin Wanwan" Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes and mumbled her name, as if reciting a curse.

As the night darkened and the surroundings became quieter, that slender figure standing in front of the window did not move for a very long time.

The matter for which Lin Wanwan requested help from Si Han quickly yielded results.

One afternoon, someone known as "V" posted a long Weibo post, which created an uproar.

"Exposing the matters behind National Goddess Su Maner"

The article listed Su Maners seven offenses, including acting as a big shot, snatching peoples scenes, slapping female assistant at the studio, etc.

Every offense was accompanied by pictures, especially the last one. Su Maner was suspected of being the mastermind behind Xia Yili and that the "live broadcast of Lin Wanwan" was single-handedly planned by her, and Xia Yili was just a used gun.

Once the news came out, it attracted people from all walks of life.

Facing the questions from Su Maners fans, the blogger did a detailed analysis.

For instance, why did Su Maner suddenly develop a friendship with Xia Yili and why did Su Maner never say a word after Xia Yili was being given the cold shoulder?