Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Si Dada's Great

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Also, the day the broadcast happened was when Su Maner was recording for the program. Shangguan Xi was also designing clothes for Su Maner then.

Although there was no concrete evidence to these analyses, they were still extremely scary.

Except for Su Maner’s die-hard fans, most people chose to believe in them. Coupled with the incidents of her acting as a big shot, the good reputation that she had built up plummeted overnight.

After seeing these news, Lin Wanwan felt more comfortable in her heart.

Si Dada’s great!

She especially gave Si Han a call to thank him. However, not only did he not appreciate it, he even ridiculed her.

“Lin Wanwan, you’re such a good-for-nothing. Based on the information I have on hand, it’s more than enough to play her to death. However, you’re so timid and scared of trouble. I really regret accepting such a useless coward like you!”

Lin Wanwan did not take these words to heart. She was very clear that she hadn’t reached the stage of slaughtering anyone who comes her way.

Just a lesson like this was sufficient. She believed that Su Maner was not having it easy now too.

It was as Lin Wanwan had guessed. Su Maner had been in an anxious state recently.

Her popularity had dropped significantly. Several major brands that were closely related to Jennifer had withdrawn opportunities of collaboration with her. She was even being changed out for a role which was supposed to help boost her as a famous actress next year. How could she not be anxious?

Once the phone rang, she immediately answered it. Her initial expectant look gradually turned into rage.

“Hello? Have you found out who did this? What? You haven’t? Aren’t you guys the most formidable hackers in the IT department? How could you not even find out a small blogger’s IP address? What a useless bunch. Be careful or I’ll tell Godfather later and let all of you get lost!”

She started to scold them resentfully. Her previous mannerism was all gone.

After hanging up the call, Su Maner was about to smash her mobile to the ground when she remembered something and dialed another number.

“Hello? Godfather”

She had just started speaking delicately when a cold male voice interrupted her words. “Ms. Su, I’m Mr. Liang’s special assistant. Mr. Liang asked me to tell you that you have already been in a lot of trouble recently. If you learn how to know your place, he doesn’t mind helping you clean up this mess. If not, the next one to go into hiding would definitely be you!”

After saying this, he hung up the call.

“Damn!” Su Maner angrily smashed her mobile on the ground.

What Liang Huasheng meant was that he hoped this matter would come to an end. As time passed, people would gradually forget about this and he would assist her to make a comeback.

Although she hadn’t found out who the mastermind was, she knew that this must be related to Lin Wanwan!

“Wait and see, we still have a lot of days ahead of us!”

The final exams were getting closer. All the students started to get nervous and revised hard every day.

Lin Wanwan was not worried about this. Instead, she was worried about the upcoming scenes of the second female lead turning completely bad in “Hello, My Sunshine”.

To act as a good villain, one must showcase some real acting skills.

Thus, there was a problem now. Can a fool play the role of a complex villain well?

Lin Wanwan was struggling with this when Director Yu Xi announced two news.

Number one, more than half of the filming for the television series was completed. The copyright had been sold and they could broadcast it while filming.

Number two, as part of publicity efforts, all the main characters had to be present at the media conference this Sunday.

When the day arrived, Lin Wanwan took the production team’s car and reached the publicity venue early. The organizer had already greeted the media and communicated the questions to be asked beforehand, so everything was going smoothly.

It was just that the question of a reporter put her in a slightly difficult position.

“I represent the male population to ask this question. What type of man are you interested in?”