Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 275

Chapter 275 A Crazy Kiss

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"Gu Mo!" She was already gasping for air when she ran to the door. Her fair-skinned forehead was full of sweat. "Wheres Lu Zhanbei? What happened to him!"

"Lets talk after entering!"

Seeing that it was urgent, Lin Wanwan didnt ask further. She followed Gu Mo into a lift that she had never taken before. The button numbers were actually from negative one to negative seven.

The lift slowly descended until they reached basement three.

The surroundings were very quiet. However, the decorations were magnificent. Even the floor tiles beneath their feet were like gemstones, and they seemed to dazzle.

After passing through a long corridor, Gu Mo brought her to the door of a reserved room.

"Sirs inside."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan immediately pushed open the door of the reserved room. The moment the door was open, a strong liquor smell brushed against her face.

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered to avoid it and rushed in immediately.

It was very dim in the reserved room. Only a few colored lights were spinning and flashing. After Lin Wanwan adapted to the lights, she immediately saw a slender figure lying diagonally at the corner.

She walked over tentatively. "Lu Zhanbei?"

"Oh" The mans sexy thin lips let out a hoarse reply.

Lin Wanwan was relieved. She hastened her pace and leaned over, then saw clearly his present state.

He was half-squinting his eyes and lying languidly on the sofa. A few buttons on his shirt were unbuttoned, revealing his exquisite collarbone. It was confusing yet seductive.

That handsome and indifferent face was covered with a thin layer of red. When his thin red lips opened and closed, his breath was full of strong alcohol.

She had to say that he looked like something one could feast on. However, Lin Wanwan could not wait to eat him live!

"Gu Mo!" She turned her head back rapidly and her eyes spit out fire. "You call this Sir being in trouble?"

She gave up the opportunity to confess to Luo Han and was so worried on the way. She rushed over just to see him drunk?

Gu Mo shrank his neck after being shouted at by her. "Sir has never been drunk before. Regardless of how I persuaded him, he refused to leave and only kept calling your name. I can only get you here for this emergency. Please help!"

After Lu Zhanbei got drunk he called her name?

Lin Wanwan was stunned. That weird feeling in her heart rose again. She shook her head and glared at Lu Zhanbei.

"Im not the one who made him drunk. What business is it of mine? Ill get going!"

"Lin Wanwan"

At this moment, her wrist was held on tightly by a big palm. She did not have the chance to struggle when Gu Mo quickly retreated, closed the door, and disappeared from the reserved room.

She was about to swear when that hand pulled violently.

"Ah!" Before she knew it, she fell onto the soft sofa.

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to sit up, her body was covered by a mans heavy body.

Lu Zhanbeis handsome face appeared before her. It slowly magnified as he lowered his head.

Sensing his intentions, Lin Wanwan widened her eyes in shock.

"Lu Zhanbei oh"

Warm breaths that carried alcohol blocked her screams.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She could even feel the tip of Lu Zhanbeis warm tongue peeling open her lips.

His movements were very gentle in the beginning. Every inch of her skin was left with a trace that belonged to him.

After that, as the kiss got deeper, he gradually became crazy and was full of possessiveness. He sucked on her lips until they began to hurt.

Lin Wanwan recovered herself from this sensation of pain. Without thinking, she lifted her hand, wanting to give him a slap!