Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 276

Chapter 276 I Like You

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She had not yet swung her fist when Lu Zhanbei grabbed her wrist again. He linked it together with the hand he was holding tightly to previously and lifted them above her head.


Seeing her eyes full of rage, Lu Zhanbei let out a low laugh. He slowly lifted his free hand and covered her eyes.

"You have to close your eyes when kissing."


Close his a*s! Damn! Did she have to cooperate with him and look like she was enjoying it when it was a forced kiss?

Lin Wanwan protested with her mouth and tried to use both her legs to kick Lu Zhanbei away, but there was no effect at all.

The mans kiss became even more eager and passionate. Even the hand that had been covering her eyes started to roam around her body.

The temperature in the air rose slowly. At that instant, things were very ambiguous.

She felt how his hand had opened up the collar of her shirt. He was roaming his hand back and forth along her waistline, and there was a slight inclination for it to climb higher and higher.

Lin Wanwan started to feel anxious. This a*shole. Could it be that he wanted to have sex with her after he got drunk?

He deserved a beating!

Making up her mind, Lin Wanwan opened her mouth and prepared to bite.

Before she could make a move, Lu Zhanbei suddenly stopped the kiss and buried his face in her neck. He sniffed in deeply the clean and fresh scent from her body.

"Lin Wanwan"

That gentle calling of her name made Lin Wanwan waver. After that, she heard him say a few words in an inaudible voice.

"I like you."

"" At this moment, Lin Wanwan felt like she was struck by lightning. She even suspected that she was experiencing auditory hallucinations.

Lu Zhanbei said he likes her? How could this be!

Slowly, fragmented images started to flash past her mind.

Images included Tang Chen saying that Lu Zhanbei liked her, Lu Zhanbei treating her well in every way, and the specious words Lu Zhanbei said to her before

Lin Wanwan seemed to have understood something, yet she also seemed to be more confused.

She had previously guessed that Lu Zhanbei already had someone in his heart, and he never rebutted it. Could it be that she had guessed wrongly?

Also, since when did he start to like her? Was she too slow to realize, or did he hide it too well?

Or perhaps, he was only joking with her now.

Lin Wanwans heart was in a mess, and she could not understand what was going on. Lu Zhanbei was still rubbing his face lightly against her neck. His hoarse voice could not hide his true feelings and intentions. "Hey, if Im willing to treat you very, very well, can you give me a chance?"

Looking at the man in front of her, Lin Wanwan thought that it was wrong for her to either push him away or not push him away. She was at a loss on how to answer him.

She had indeed mentioned today that if someone was willing to treat her very, very well, she would like him too.

At that time, she wasnt joking. Lu Zhanbei had indeed treated her very, very well too. However, she never thought that she would get together with Lu Zhanbei.

She had treated him as a friend, a confidant, and a trusted partner. However, she had never thought of him as her own man.

Really, it was all too shocking!

Lu Zhanbei suddenly lifted his head. Under the dim lights, his expression was so serious that it was suffocating. "Can you?"

In the face of love, the party who admitted defeat first would always be willing to let go of his or her pride.

Lin Wanwan looked like she was moved. There was a complicated expression on her face. "You"

"Shush." Lu Zhanbeis slender finger pressed against her lips. That cold and indifferent pair of phoenix-shaped eyes was so gentle that it was a little suffocating. "Say my name."

"Lu Lu Zhanbei."

Lin Wanwans heart beat very fast. She could not calm down and think carefully.

In a state of panic, she subconsciously avoided that burning gaze and said incoherently, "I Ill bring you back to rest first. Lets talk about this another time!"

After saying this, she struggled to support Lu Zhanbeis body.