Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 279

Chapter 279 I Dont Like Small Steamed Buns

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"Impossible," Lu Zhanbei replied firmly. His gaze swept past her chest and he said, "I dont like to eat small steamed buns."

Lin Wanwan immediately covered her chest and glared fiercely at him.

He was saying that he liked her just yesterday night. Now, he had turned his back on her.

With this vicious tongue of his, did it look like he liked her? To think that she was actually in torment yesterday night for that sentence!

"Dont worry. I wont like your embroidery needle too!"

Lu Zhanbeis eyes squinted into a dangerous arc. He half-laughed and asked, "How do you know? Could it be that you had secretly used your hand to measure yesterday night?"

"" Lin Wanwan conceded.Good for you!

Seeing that she was both embarrassed and furious as she entered the washroom, Lu Zhanbeis curved lips gradually fell, forming a sharp straight line.

Even if they had to continue in such a childish way, he would not want her to have thoughts of escaping anxiously.

Lu Zhanbei headed to the restaurant first. When she went out, he lifted his chin plainly. "Sit down and eat while its hot."

Lin Wanwan impolitely grabbed a sandwich. As she was eating, she sized Lu Zhanbei up from time to time.

His expression was as indifferent as before. He also treated himself with his usual calmness. It was as if the man who became crazy and childish yesterday night was not him.

Sensing that she was observing him, Lu Zhanbei asked, "Why do you keep looking at my face?"

Lin Wanwan snorted and said, "I realized that theres a word on your face."



He was cautiously confessing to her just last night. Now, he was as cold as ice. It was a huge contrast between the attitudes before and after.

Lu Zhanbei looked like he could not be bothered with her and continued eating.

Lin Wanwan tolerated and tolerated it. In the end, she couldnt hold herself back. "Let me ask you. Do you still remember what happened last night?"

"I do."

Under her nervous gaze, Lu Zhanbei slowly summed things up. "I drank with Mo Chen until I was drunk yesterday night. Then, you came and sent me back to Yun Mansion. You also conveniently placed yourself next to me in my bed. I dont know what you did to me while I was drunk. Thats it."

"" Lin Wanwan pressed her finger down and flattened the sandwich in her hands. She gritted her teeth and asked, "And then?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her in surprise and shook his head in confusion. "I cant remember. Could it be that you really did something that couldnt be seen in public to me?"

Lin Wanwan was so depressed that she wanted to vomit blood.

At this moment, she had the impulse to just say everything out. She also had the urge not to, so that both of them would not be so embarrassed.

After struggling for half a day, she decided to hold back her words.

Actually, this was good too. Since he had forgotten, she might as well act as if nothing had happened yesterday night and they were still friends.

It was just that

Lin Wanwan shook her head and suppressed the unhappiness in her heart.

Thinking of how she was troubled and struggling last night, she was just like an idiot!

Lu Zhanbei looked at Lin Wanwans changing expressions, and the corner of his lips curved up.

This was good. She could subconsciously understand how he felt towards her, and they could continue to interact like they did in the past.

After their breakfast, Lu Zhanbei sent Lin Wanwan off.

On the way, she was somewhat restless. "Lu Zhanbei, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"


"Youre so close to me. Wouldnt the girl you fancy be jealous?" This morning, he became sharp-tongued again like before. Lin Wanwan could not help but feel a trace of suspicion, and she tried to test him.



The way Lu Zhanbei looked at her was exceptionally meaningful. His gentle tone carried with it an unknown sense of seductiveness. "What do you think?"