Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 28

Chapter 28 A Nuisance Call To Lu Zhanbei

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Upon hearing this, the servants quickly stepped back.

“You trash!”

Tao Xinyue’s face turned red and she glared fiercely at Lin Wanwan. She wanted to personally give her a slap, but as she was too angry and weak, she could only give a look that said she was about to faint from the anger.

Lin Wanwan pretended not to see it and blinked innocently.

“Since you look alive and kicking, you should be fine right? Can I go upstairs now?”


Looking at her innocent expression, Tao Xinyue was short of breath and could not say a word.

Yes, she guessed. Silence means consent.

“Thank you!”

Lin Wanwan gleefully said her thanks and ran upstairs in quick steps, as if she did not see Tao Xinyue’s distorted expression for that one moment.


When she vaguely heard someone’s panicked cries, Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrows lightly. Did that hag really faint from anger?

How she had sinned

She smiled coldly and touched the small pinhole on her arm through a layer of clothing.

She could not tolerate just this? It was still early.

When she returned to the small room, Lin Wanwan pulled out a cartoon-printed luggage from under the bed. She wiped away the dust and packed some clothes and daily necessities.

She thought for a moment and decided to also pack in the rabbit doll which was missing a ear. She then dragged the luggage down the stairs.

Tao Xinyue was not there. There were only two servants cleaning up. When they saw her coming down, they hesitated for a moment before greeting her.

“Hi, Second Miss.”

“Tell Father that I’ll be staying at the student hostel accommodation. If there’s anything, he can give me a call on my mobile.”


Once out of the Lin family’s villa, Lin Wanwan drew a long breath. She had finally left this place that had a foul atmosphere.

She took a taxi to school. On the way, she did not forget to buy necessities such as blankets and bed sheets.

Thankfully, that a*shole of a father suddenly found his conscience two days ago and had passed her a card with 50 thousand yuan. If not, she would have had to live on air.

As it was a Friday, most students had headed home and the huge campus looked very empty.

Teacher Yu was worried that Lin Wanwan would be bullied if she stayed together with the rest of the students. There happened to be a nice empty room in the hostel. Thus, she arranged for her to live there.

As the best high school in the Imperial Capital, the environment of the hostel was not bad, and all the basic amenities were present. Even though no one had stayed there for a very long time, the interior was still very clean.

After making her bed, Lin Wanwan opened her luggage and arranged her things nicely within the room.

Lying in bed, Lin Wanwan could not sleep even after tossing and turning.

She was used to the life of filming until midnight everyday. Now that her life had quietened down, she was not used to it.

When she took out her mobile from her handbag, a gold-stamped business card surfaced too.

The name on it was Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan played with the card in her hands. When she recalled how she had suffered at his hands, she curled her lips, feeling brazen.

Since she was so bored, why not give him a nuisance call?

Lin Wanwan decided to take a walk outside and dialed Lu Zhanbei’s number.

The call was picked up after just a single ring.

“Lin Wanwan, there better be an important reason for why you are calling me.” His tone was as cold and distant as before.

“Hey!” Lin Wanwan was shocked. “How did you know it was me?”

She knew that she was completely exposed in front of Lu Zhanbei and did not bother to feign ignorance.

“Not everyone is as stupid as you.”

The number of people who knew his private mobile number did not exceed ten. Only Lin Wanwan had not given him a call before.