Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 280

Chapter 280 Because Shes A Fool

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The way he looked at Lin Wanwan made her heart skip a beat. Could it be that the person he fancied was really her!

"I I dont know."

Lu Zhanbei suddenly snorted. "Because shes a fool."


Who was he scolding?

Lin Wanwan inexplicably wanted to get into a rage but could not find a reason to do so. After all, Lu Zhanbei didnt say anything further. He was really sly!

It was Friday after the end of one weeks lessons. Lin Wanwan prepared to find Si Han before going to the production team.

After Ruan Baoer learned about this, she followed along too. She even deliberately changed into a newly bought dress.

In the taxi, Lin Wanwan held her chin with one hand. The eyes behind the sunglasses enjoyed the scenery that whizzed past the window.

Out of nowhere, Ruan Baoer asked, "Sister Ball, do you have something on your mind recently?"

Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips dryly. "What kind of troubles would I have? You are thinking too much."

Ruan Baoer leaned her face over sneakily and carefully observed her expressions. "Dont try to lie to me. I can tell with one look. I guess that your troubles have got to do with relationships. What actually happened? Did your confession fail? Or did something happen between you and Mr. Lu? Did he"

Seeing that Lin Wanwan was slightly stunned, Ruan Baoer immediately guessed the answer. "Confess to you?"

"" Lin Wanwan was silent for a long time. Then, she nodded.

Ruan Baoer was now interested. "Then why are you frowning? You dont like him?"

Besides Ruan Baoer, Lin Wanwan did not have other friends she could talk to.

She hesitated for a while before saying how she really felt. "Actually, I had a good impression of him in the beginning. I even considered if I should try to hook him up so that we can develop our relationship. After that, I found out that he seemed to already have someone he likes. Regardless of which aspects, there are simply too many differences between the two of us."

In other words, she felt that Lu Zhanbei and herself were unsuitable.

With regards to what Lin Wanwan had said, Ruan Baoer snickered. "Theres only like or dislike, no suitable or unsuitable. If he likes you, and you like him too, theres nothing much to hesitate about. If you dont like him, then make a swift and ruthless action and make things clear to him."

Lin Wanwan shook her head and sighed. "But I have already promised him that I wont reject him so easily. Sigh, I would look carefully before taking each step then."

Her feelings for Lu Zhanbei had gotten more and more complicated. That confession was too sudden. She was still confused now.

Ruan Baoer shrugged her shoulders and did not say anything more. It was impossible to let a woman who had yet to open her heart understand what was love. She had to experience it for herself too.

The two of them arrived at the main gate of the winery. Lin Wanwan pressed the doorbell.

When Si Han didnt open the door, she kept pressing the doorbell. After a long while, his irritated voice could be heard from within the house.

"Stop pressing. Im coming!"

That moment when the door was pulled open and Si Han saw Ruan Baoer, who was smiling foolishly, his expression changed. Without thinking, he wanted to close the door.

Thankfully, Lin Wanwan had already expected that. With sharp eyes and agile movements, she stretched her leg outwards and squeezed it into the gap in between the door.

"If you break my leg, you have to provide for me in this lifetime!"

Si Han gritted his teeth and eventually let both of them in.

Ruan Baoer immediately bounced over and stretched out her hand to hold his elbow. "Long time no see. Did you miss me?"

Si Han ignored her. After rummaging crazily, he found a hemp rope. Amidst Ruan Baoers cries, he tied her up easily and threw her towards the sofa. He used a towel to block her mouth.

He clapped his hands in satisfaction. "Done."