Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Completely Remove The Label Of A Fool

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After suppressing a certain destructive maniac in a simple yet violent manner, Si Han sat down elegantly. He did not even take a look at Ruan Baoer, who was glaring at him.

"Tell me, Lin Wanwan. Why are you here?"


Lin Wanwan also admired him. She looked pitifully at Baoer, then sat down and talked about serious matters.

"My role will turn completely bad in the upcoming television drama. In order to act as a great villain, I need to showcase my real ability. Im worried this will cause suspicion."

In the past, she either acted roles that suited her real character well or didnt showcase her real ability at all. Thus, she basically did not create any suspicion.

Si Han took a sip of freshly brewed tea. He did not answer but asked instead, "Are you addicted to being a fool? Or are you saying that you intend to play the role of an edelweiss your entire life?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why do you think I helped you to accept such a role?"

Si Han placed his long legs loosely on top of the table with a lazy expression.

"Based on the normal procedure, the artist manager will arrange for the newbie to take on the roles of silly or happy characters so that the public will have a favorable impression of you. The reason why I let you take on the role of Ming Mei is because, number one, if this role is played well, you can attract a lot of fans. Number two, and also more importantly, I want you to use this role to completely remove from yourself the label of a fool."

Lin Wanwan was enlightened. "No wonder you want me to act as a villain. Thats the most difficult to act."

"You mentioned on Weibo previously that you are now receiving treatment. You have also announced in front of the media that youre no longer a fool. Now, you only need evidence to prove that what you are saying is true."

It was as if Lin Wanwan was suddenly filled with wisdom. "I understand now!"

Si Han looked like he just got rid of a burden. "Its really tiring to talk to a fool like you. Since you understand, then goodbye."

"I dont need you to send me off too!" Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. She walked over to Ruan Baoer and wanted to untie the ropes for her.

"Wait!" Si Han cried out. He walked over and lifted Ruan Baoer up like he was carrying a bag of rice, then headed out in big strides.


Ruan Baoer made sounds of protest, but those didnt stop Si Han in his tracks.

He walked to the road, lifted his hand to hail a taxi, and hard-heartedly dumped her in the backseat. After that, he pushed Lin Wanwan in too.

This series of actions was so quick that nobody could react in time.

Finally, he instructed coolly, "Quick, start driving!"

As the car sped off, Lin Wanwan quickly rescued Ruan Baoer.

After she was released, she immediately pounced to the front of the car window and stuck out her head. She shouted at Si Han, who was standing not too far away, "Wait and see! One of these days, I will make you kneel down in front of me and admit your mistakes!"

On the way, Ruan Baoer kept mumbling that she wanted to give Si Han a lesson. Lin Wanwan smiled and shook her head. After she sent her off, she hailed a taxi to the production set.

From Friday night onwards, an episode of "Hello, My Sunshine" would be broadcast every day. Due to the compact plot and Luo Hans popularity, the show broke the ratings in the same time belt when it was first broadcast.

Ming Mei, whom Lin Wanwan played, was a strong, cold, and capable woman. She would only display her gentle side to the male lead.

In the beginning, she didnt have a lot of acting scenes. However, she had exquisite makeup on and was gorgeously dressed every time she made an appearance. Coupled with Lin Wanwans beautiful face, she managed to gather a huge number of fans without any accidents.

Especially when she resolutely punished a few traitors. The audience all applauded.

Although Lin Wanwan became a little famous when "The Palace" was screened previously, the movie audience was, after all, not as wide as the television drama audience.

Lin Wanwans performance in "Hello, My Sunshine" made more people understand that she indeed had some acting skills.