Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 282

Chapter 282 The Shock From The Explosion

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At the same time, some people started to worry.

"I admit that Lin Wanwan is the more eye-catching one among the newbies. Ming Mei is a powerful character to begin with. Once she transforms into a true villain, facial expressions and eye movements would become more complicated. Could she control these well?"

"I like Ming Mei from the previous season, but Im quite doubtful that Lin Wanwan would play this role well!"

"Ming Mei should be the biggest villain here. If her role is not played well, then theres nothing much to see for this television drama."

"Then, let her be! For Luo Hans sake, I would continue to watch it!"

Most of the voices on Weibo and video barrages were looking down on her.

Director Yu Xi specifically went to find Lin Wanwan as well. He tactfully expressed that if she was not confident, he could change the script.

She could neither cry nor laugh as she comforted him. "It will be fine. At most, you can worry a bit more. We can always get it right after I NG a couple of times, right?"

Yu Xi sighed. "It could only be like this."

Before filming started, he said again, "Wanwan, dont feel too much psychological pressure. Take it slow."

Yu Xi was very worried that the online doubts would impact Lin Wanwan adversely.

She replied with an obedient smile, "Director, dont worry. I would definitely live up to your expectations!"

Yu Xi forced a smile and nodded, but was feeling empty in his heart.

He was not the only one who was worried. Even the other staff personnel had expected that there would be a lot of NGs today and had prepared themselves for them.

Following Yu Xis command, filming started.

In the smoky room, He Bai slumped against the sofa. There were a lot of cigarette butts on the ground.

Rhythmic footsteps sounded. After the door was pushed open, Ming Mei, who was elegantly dressed, walked in.

She sat next to He Bai, pressed his head lightly with her fingers, and held him in her embrace. Her cold voice could not hide the gentleness as she said, "Ill apply for leave tomorrow. Lets go on a vacation together to change your mood."

He Bai was like a vulnerable child with a decadent look. "Why must Keke break up with me"

"I guess its because youre not good enough."

Ming Meis slender fingers combed his black hair. She said carelessly, "After you have sorted out your mood, I will help you to woo Gao Keke back."

"Ming Mei, thankfully youre still around"

"Yes, I will always be by your side."

The gentler Ming Meis smile was, the more intense the craziness in her eyes became.

After pacifying He Bai, she left and called Luo Han, who was acting as Mo Junyan.

"Gao Kekes father is already addicted to drugs and had borrowed a large sum of money from the loan sharks. You tell her, if she doesnt want her father to die, then she must not see He Bai ever again. Also, I want you to secretly acquire shares from He Group and support that illegitimate child from the He family."


Her smile was particularly charming, but the expression in her eyes was distorted.

"Dont ask me why. If He Bai only has me by his side, he has no choice but to rely on me. Do you think he will still leave me?"

The call was hung up. She started laughing. As she laughed, a layer of thin mist covered her eyes.

"I cant turn back anymore its my obsession to have you now. If you cant be my salvation, I can only pull you to hell with me!"


All the staff personnel were shocked after witnessing this scene. They did not recover themselves even after a long time.

They knew how evil Ming Mei was, but they couldnt bear to hate her completely.

The torment and pain she displayed was so obvious that people could not help but feel the heartache.