Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Lin Wanwan No Longer A Fool

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Even after a very long time, no one called "cut". Lin Wanwan could only take the initiative and break the silence. "Director, Im done acting."

"Good!" Yu Xis eyes were full of radiant splendor. He was so excited that he started clapping. "Wanwan, your acting was great!"

The rest of the people recovered themselves and started to clap along.

Lin Wanwan knew in her heart that even though she didnt showcase 100 percent of her skills for this scene, there was at least 70 percent of it.

After the excitement, a trace of doubt climbed onto Yu Xis face. "Wanwan, why did your acting suddenly become like this? Compared to the past its really on a different level."

Lin Wanwan pretended to be dissatisfied and pouted. "Was I that bad in the past?"


Yu Xi had worked together with Lin Wanwan for quite some time now. He knew that Lin Wanwan had the gift and made rapid progress, and she could often make him feel surprised.

However, after Ming Mei turned evil, the psychological activities would become rich and complicated. The script could not have written these out in detail, and only the actors could try and figure them out for themselves.

If Lin Wanwan was a normal person, he would have taken it as a matter of course.

However, her mentality was still that of a child. How could she interpret it perfectly and successfully act it well?

It was simply too incredible!

It was not only Yu Xi who was puzzled, the rest of the production team was shocked and puzzled too.

Feeling everyone sizing her up, Lin Wanwan smiled mysteriously. "Director Yu, actually Ive recovered. Ive really recovered!"

"What recovered?" Yu Xi did not understand it at first, then widened his eyes. "Could it be that you have fully recovered from your illness?"

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at one another.

Lin Wanwan no longer a fool.

"Yes!" Lin Wanwan gave a definite reply and explained with a smile, "I mentioned it to the media before when I was in the production team of The Palace. However, no one believed me."

After speaking, she looked a little wronged.


Those who knew about this then could not help but recall the words she said before. They instantly felt embarrassed.

When Lin Wanwan said she was no longer a fool then, not only did they not believe it, but they even thought that this was evidence of her being a fool. To think that this was actually the truth!

If they didnt see for themselves today how Lin Wanwan used her acting skills to prove herself, they would probably still not take those words to heart.

"Good that youve recovered, good that youve recovered!" Yu Xi patted her shoulder with relief. "Wanwan, good-heartedness often meets with recompense. God would not let a good girl like you be wronged!"

After a few months of interaction, Lin Wanwan had developed a good relationship with the production team. Upon hearing the good news that she had recovered, even the male lead Duan Shaoyang was happy. "Director Yus right. Wanwan experienced bitter before sweet. Your journey to stardom will be more and more successful in the future. Dont forget us then!"

After saying this, he even squeezed his eyes oddly at Lin Wanwan.

Amidst everyones kind laughter, Lin Wanwan patted her chest. "Of course. We have a deep revolutionary friendship. I will bear that firmly in mind!"

Everyone laughed even more happily.

The news of Lin Wanwans recovery was a big surprise to the founders. After this episode was broadcast, coupled with promotional efforts, this can set off another wave of heat and create momentum for the television series.

Thinking of this, Yu Xi rubbed his hands. All his worries were swept away.

He clapped his hands to draw everyones attention. "To celebrate Lin Wanwans recovery, Ill treat everyone to supper tonight. However, everyone must be in their best condition now and strive to finish filming todays acting scenes early. Tonight, well have fun together!"