Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Flirt Lu Zhanbei's Words Among Words 1

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Although Lin Wanwan had already proved herself to everyone, she also understood when not to overdo something.

After that, not only did she have reservations about acting, she would occasionally NG a few times during filming too.

Even if she was gifted, and even if she had become a normal person, it would be impossible for her to reach the standards of a top actor immediately.

The broadcast time was getting longer and the television series plot was gradually advancing too.

The lovey-dovey acts between the male and female leads managed to hold the attention of a group of netizens.

Ming Mei’s eyes also transformed gradually. They were initially restrained but later became crazy.

Everyone knew that this role was about to become the ultimate villain.

After this Friday’s episode was broadcast, scenes of Ming Mei turning evil finally appeared in the preview. A pity that there were only images of things being smashed and an audio of a few vicious words she said. Her face was not even revealed.

As people complained about how they felt conned by these edited scenes, they expressed their views on the Internet.

“Oh, oh, oh! It’s finally reaching the peak. My Ball is going to turn into a super villain!”

“Oh please. How can a fool play the role of a high-powered villain well? Don’t fail to achieve what was set out to be done. It would be really funny if Ming Mei turned out to be a silly white lotus.”

“I’m just watching for my husband, Luo Han. I advise Ball fans to be like me. If you don’t expect anything, you won’t be disappointed.”


As she was bored, Lin Wanwan refreshed her screen and laughed.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei’s call came.

Lin Wanwan hesitated for a while before deciding to accept the call. “Hello? Is anything the matter?”

“I can’t find you if there’s nothing?”

Sensing the man’s unhappiness, Lin Wanwan scratched the back of her head in embarrassment. She quickly added a hint of flattery in her tone. “How can that be? It’s my honor to have you keep thinking about a small fry like me. Tell me what orders you have for me. I will definitely dash ahead regardless of safety!”

Lu Zhanbei’s tone softened a little. “Are you free tomorrow?”

“There’s filming of night scenes tomorrow.”

“The day after?”

“There’s no filming the day after. However, the third female lead would have completed all her filming scenes and the director arranged for all of us to gather.”

“” Lu Zhanbei went silent.

As the atmosphere seemed to have turned cold suddenly, Lin Wanwan’s heart tightened a little. “Why are you not saying anything?”

Lu Zhanbei’s expression sank. During this period of time, he had already tried to ask Lin Wanwan out five times. She would use all sorts of flawless reasons to reject him every time.

She was hiding.

Lu Zhanbei felt a thin layer of gloom and he said plainly, “Nothing.”

Lin Wanwan did not know what to say as well. She was thankful Lu Zhanbei had forgotten what happened that night. If not, it would have been difficult for them to communicate normally.

“Since there’s nothing, I’ll”


They have already not met for half a month. If he couldn’t see her, at the very least, he would hear more of her voice.

In a moment of desperation, he casually brought up a topic. “I’ve seen the television drama you acted in. Your acting skills are not bad. They are totally different from how you are in real life.”

“Really? Thanks!”

Lin Wanwan truly felt happy. A sharp-eyed person like him had complimented her acting skills. This was the biggest form of encouragement to her.

Lu Zhanbei racked his brains and continued to find topics to talk about. “Did Ming Mei and that what Bai get together in the end?”

Lin Wanwan sighed. He actually watched the television drama and even knew the name of her character.

“No. He Bai doesn’t like her anyway. Despite how much she forks out, he won’t be touched. This is human nature.”