Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Flirt Lu Zhanbeis Words Among Words 2

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Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei squinted both his eyes slightly.

Did she mean that regardless of how much he did for her, she would never be touched?

Of course, Lin Wanwan would not think that her words were actually being misinterpreted that way by Lu Zhanbei.

"Ming Mei chose the character Luo Han played?"

Lin Wanwan shook her head. She subconsciously realized that Lu Zhanbei could not see her. "She didnt. Mo Junyan is actually the male version of Ming Mei. He forked out so much for Ming Mei, but its a pity that if she doesnt love him, she doesnt love him. Hes quite silly too, to have thrown away everything for a woman who doesnt like him at all. Its not worth it, right?"

"No, Lin Wanwan. If you have liked someone before, you would understand that the moment you meet her, she would be your predestined fate. Even if you wanted to give her up on countless occasions, you would eventually not bear to let her go."

Lu Zhanbeis low and firm voice traveled to Lin Wanwans ears clearly, and it gave her the feeling of sentimental attachment.

"" Lin Wanwan was at first stunned. Then, her ears started to turn red instantly!

Damn! They were talking about the television drama plot. Why did he suddenly steer away from that? What was he trying to play by saying such sweet words!

However, Lu Zhanbeis madness did not stop.

"If you are really Ming Mei, why dont you choose Mo Junyan? Compared to chasing after someone in misery, why not try the taste of being loved? Theres that someone who has always been waiting for you and wants you to give him a chance of pampering and protecting you. Why not choose to accept it naturally? Life might be easier if you change one decision."


Oh my, what was going on with these words of romance?

Not only did he say so many words today, he even started to go the affectionate route.

If she was Ming Mei, then he was Mo Junyan?

Lin Wanwan felt like she was going crazy. Ever since Lu Zhanbei confessed to her that night, every sentence he said seemed to be words of romance and she could not help but to substitute them!

Oh, she was really shameless!

After patting her cheeks, Lin Wanwan forced herself to calm down. "This is just a fictitious story. Dont be too serious. If, and I say if, Ming Mei really chose Mo Junyan and enjoyed his goodness, but she still could not love him, that would be very unfair to Mo Junyan."

"Heh." Lu Zhanbei smiled and said word by word, "If youre not a fish, how would you know if a fish is happy?"


Was he trying to say that he was that fish?

Lin Wanwan blushed and her heart started to beat rapidly. Lu Zhanbei was going to go against heavens will!

No, this would not do. At the rate this was going, her young heart was going to explode.

"I feel that whether they would be together or not would not be determined by anyones words. After all, nobody knows what the future holds. Right?"

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei gave a low laugh. If this was her answer, then he didnt hear her absolute rejection.

At the very least, he still had a chance.

"Youre right."

Hearing him laugh, Lin Wanwan felt an inexplicable shyness besides embarrassment. "Im going to film. Lets chat next time."


After ending the call, the curvature of Lu Zhanbeis lips did not fall even after a long time. Anyone could tell that he was in a good mood.

Gu Mo could naturally tell that too.

He glanced at the documents that were piled like a small mountain on the study table and nearly cried out loud!

This half a month, Sir always had a cold expression on his face and did not show any other expression. He even went mad and threw all his work to him. He had not closed his eyes for three days and three nights.

Now Sir Finally! Smiled!