Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 286

Chapter 286 Highly Unexpected

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"Reporting to Sir, Im a little tired. Can I go and rest now?" Gu Mo requested boldly.

"Youre approved to go on three days leave."

Gu Mo was so happy that he nearly cried.

Thank God. Thank you, Ms. Lin!

A day passed by in a flash. After the office workers and students played for a day, they had stationed themselves in front of the television on Saturday night, at 8 pm.

It was half an hour to the broadcast. The netizens were still looking down on Lin Wanwan and did not have high expectations.

The television drama started at 8:30 pm.

They saw that in a fit of jealousy, Ming Mei could not help but to finally take action. She used all sorts of tricks and led the male and female leads to misunderstand each other. In the end, they heartachingly broke up.

The audience hated her so much that they gritted their teeth. However, after Ming Meis and Mo Junyans call, the struggle and pain she displayed shocked everyone.

Ming Mei was hateful, but she was even more pitiful.

Lin Wanwan had created a villain with flesh and blood. She had played out the complex and vulnerable interpretations of Ming Mei well.

Once the episode was broadcast, everyone felt that they were being slapped in the face.

"What the, what the, what the hell!"

"I admit I had transmigrated. Theres so much feeling to it when this Ming Mei had turned evil. I was still hating her so badly in the beginning. However, once I saw her cry, I, a big man, actually started to shed tears too!"

"After watching this episode, why do I feel that I love Ming Mei even more? Do I have a dark mentality?!"

"He Bai is a beast! He tormented a good woman into this state. He didnt reject her when he had a fiance, and he hurt her after liking someone else. What an a*shole!"

The series of comments were all affirmative of Lin Wanwans acting skills.

It was just that, after the shock, the questions came.

How was it possible that Lin Wanwan, who was born flawed, could play such a complicated role well?

This was not something that could be done by just having the gift!

Waves of discussions were set off in that moment.

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, the production team of "Hello, My Sunshine" posted a Weibo message at the same time.

Lin Wanwan: "I heard that a lot of people are wondering why I can play the role of Ming Mei the villain well. The cute and charming villain would like to share a piece of news. That is Lin Wanwan is no longer a fool. After the doctors treatment, she has recovered fully!"

Director Yu Xi immediately forwarded her Weibo message.

"Actually, I have known about this since long ago. Today, I no longer need to hide this. Congratulations, little girl!"

After that, it was the male lead Duan Shaoyangs and the female lead Guan Jiaxiaos turn. Then, it was the lighting engineers, props masters, makeup artists

The netizens, who were jumping up and down and wanted to reach a conclusion, were shocked.

Lin Wanwan had recovered fully? Was this for real?!

Some people chose to believe it the first instance. Some people were doubtful. Only when someone produced the Weibo message that Lin Wanwan posted previously did most people realize that she had said long ago that she had been receiving treatment.

The video of her announcing to the media that she was no longer a fool was also pushed to one of the hot news.

Seeing these evidences, everyone was speechless.

The production team of "Hello, My Sunshine" saw that there were a lot of "highly unexpected" comments on the Internet and were overwhelmed with joy.

The more the merrier. These netizens finally understood the awkwardness they felt then.

"Lin Wanwan fully recovered" was ranked first on the hot searches in a short period of time.

Seeing the congratulatory voices under the comments, even the staff personnel from "The Palace" started to forward them out. Lin Wanwan felt warmth in her heart.

At this moment, there was a Weibo notification that a person she had been following had added her. She clicked open.