Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 287

Chapter 287 Meeting The Dream Lover By Chance

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Tang Chen: "I was the first to know about this. Although I like Lin Wanwan regardless of how she is, ever since she became smarter, its getting more and more difficult to fool her. What should I do to con her and make her mine?"

"" Lin Wanwan was speechless in her despair.

She had not heard from Tang Chen for quite some time already. She had initially thought that he had found his conscience and finally decided to give up teasing her. In the end, he had not given up his sinister designs.

Lin Wanwan pouted and lazily stretched her back.

Finally. She no longer had to pretend to be a fool and could speak like a normal person. She also no longer had to worry about being suspicious.

On Sunday evening, the production team traveled by car to a hot spring villa for a party. This was operated by Yu Xis friend. Due to the all-natural surroundings and first-class service, there was a never-ending flow of guests.

It was just that the location was a little secluded and it took a three-hour drive to get there.

Upon reaching the destination, Lin Wanwan had not even gotten the chance to rest when Ruan Baoer called. She sounded weak.

"Sister Ball, come quickly. Come and help me"

"What happened?"

"Just come back quickly. Im feeling terrible"

Sensing her helplessness, Lin Wanwan said immediately, "Im outside now and will rush over immediately. Wait for me."

After hanging up the call, Lin Wanwan did not alert anyone from the production team and left the hot spring villa.

She stood by the road and waited for half an hour, but a taxi never came.

Seeing that the sky was darkening, that there was no one else but her by the empty road, and that she didnt know what had happened to Ruan Baoer, Lin Wanwan felt more and more anxious.

Just as she was about to go back and ask Yu Xi for help, she saw from the corner of her eye a small car driving in the right direction.

She was saved!

Lin Wanwans eyes shone, and she immediately waved.

That car was driving leisurely, and it took a while before it stopped in front of Lin Wanwan. She could finally see clearly what the car looked like.

The blue Ferrari sports car was very expensive and looked very familiar to her!


The sports car came to a stop leisurely. The man with his elbow leaning against the window tilted his head. He removed the sunglasses with his hand and revealed that good-looking face. A teasing smile could be seen from the corner of his lips.

"No wonder I could hear the magpies calling as I headed out today. God was giving me a sign that I would meet my dream lover by chance."

Lin Wanwan held her forehead. It was really a god-like encounter.

She sighed, pulled open the car door, and got in the car. Under Tang Chens meaningful gaze, she smiled and asked, "Do you mind me hitching a ride?"

Tang Chen raised his eyebrows and didnt answer this question. Instead, he said something that made her feel confused.

"Lin Wanwan, Ill give you two pieces of advice. You must keep them in your heart."

"Young Tang, please say them."

Seeing her disapproving face, a trace of strange luster flashed past Tang Chens eyes. He said half-jokingly, "Number one, always believe what I say. I will never ever lie to you."

Lin Wanwan was at first stunned. Then, she pouted. She would have seen a ghost if she believed him!

She was criticizing him in her heart but looking obedient on the outside. "Ok. Number two?"

"Number two, get off the car now."


What the f*ck!

Indeed, men of this age and time could not be believed. This god of plague was just confessing his love to her on Weibo yesterday. Today, he wouldnt even allow her to hitch a ride.

If it were not for something urgent, Lin Wanwan would definitely have left immediately.

Given the circumstances, she had no choice but to cave in. She took a deep breath and looked pitiful, her hands clasped tightly together.