Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 288

Chapter 288 A Dangerous Moment

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"Please help me out. I really have something urgent to tend to back at the city. I wont take up much of your time. At the very most, Ill treat you to a meal next time."

Tang Chen looked at her and asked her very seriously, "Are you really not alighting?"

Lin Wanwan thought of Ruan Baoer and nodded firmly. "Im not!"

"Ok. Then I hope you wont regret it later."

Upon hearing him say that, Lin Wanwan started to feel a trace of regret.

Tang Chen did not give her any more time to hesitate. He stepped on the gas pedal, and the car sped off like a moving flame, heading straight ahead at a very high speed.

Lin Wanwan, who was sitting in the passengers seat, moved her legs. She accidentally kicked something.

"Eh? Whats this?"

She lowered her head and realized that a bag wrapped with black cloth was stuffed underneath the seat. It was bulging, and it was unknown what was inside.

Tang Chen said casually, "A gift from a friend."

"What good stuff is there?" Lin Wanwan asked casually.


Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. If he didnt want to tell her, then he should say so. Why was he treating her like an idiot again?

Tang Chen saw her expression and laughed. "How are you with Lu Zhanbei recently?"

"What how? We are fine."

"Playing the fool with me?"

Tang Chen handled the steering wheel with one hand and took out a cigarette from the pocket of his blazer with the other. After lighting it, he left it in his mouth.

"The last time you guys met was around half a month ago at Jin Tong Que. Before that, you guys have occasionally dated secretly behind my back. Recently, you guys have never even met up once. Quarreled, huh?"

Lin Wanwans face sank and she glared at him. "You sent someone to monitor me?"

Upon hearing this, Tang Chen pressed his hand against his chest. His expression was exaggerated, as if he had been badly hurt.

"You actually treated my secret protection as surveillance? Not only did I not stop you and Lu Zhanbei from dating, I even helped you by being on the lookout. Is there a more qualified boyfriend than me in this world?"

He was still the same and liked to talk to himself. Lin Wanwan was furious and could not help but to make noise.

It was as if Tang Chen was addicted as he continued to pretend to be a sacred lover. "When you are tired playing with him, remember to notify me, the good spare tire of the Xia country. My heart is eternal."

"Youre not going to stop, are you! What a real acting expert!"

Lin Wanwan could not tolerate it any longer and was about to give him a lesson when she saw him glancing at the rear view mirror and curving his lips.

"Finally here."

What was finally here?

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to respond, Tang Chen had already stepped on the gas pedal. The car, which was already going at a high speed, rushed out.

"Sit tight!"

The sudden and unstoppable increase in speed made Lin Wanwan, who was not wearing her seat belt, lean her body back heavily. Thankfully, with sharp eyes and agile movements, she held on tightly to the car door. At the same time, she turned her head and looked back.

As she looked, she immediately sucked in a cold breath of air.

Unknown to her before then, there were more than ten black Harleys behind them. The men were all dressed in black leather clothes and wearing helmets. As they controlled the bike with one hand, they held a gun with the other. The muzzle was pointed directly at the Ferrari ahead.

Bang! A bullet popped and shot straight ahead!

Tang Chen slammed the steering wheel and agilely avoided it.

However, the next second, more bullets came flying over.


As Lin Wanwan lowered her head, she gave an exasperated roar. "Tang Chen, quickly raise the car roof now! Do you want to be hit?!"

Tang Chen shut off the convertible and a series of bullets hit the cars outer shell. Sparks were ignited from all sides, but the bulletproof function was very strong.