Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Showcasing Ones Talent

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Tang Chen clapped in admiration. "Not bad, not bad."

"Sit tight!" Lin Wanwan moved her wrist slightly and stepped on the gas pedal to its maximum.

With a whiz, the sports car sped off like lightning. It instantly distanced itself from the other party by a huge amount!

Regardless of performance or construction, this modified Ferrari was far more superior than professional racing cars. If unleashed well, it would be more than enough to get rid of these small bugs.

After a sharp turn, Lin Wanwan released the gas pedal at times and slammed it at times. With a sudden beautiful drift, not only did the car cut through the corners at a very high speed, the rear of the car was also used to knock the few Harleys that had caught up out of the guardrails at the same time!

This hair-raising technique was perfect.

Lin Wanwan curved her lips and gradually found the feel.

Tang Chen held his head leisurely. He tilted his head and glanced at her serious look, and a trace of splendor flashed past his eyes.

He had seen a lot of sides of Lin Wanwan. Pretending to be a fool, acting cute, being clever and crafty, being elegant

However, at this moment, the calmness and self-confidence she exuded from her bones was like a burning sun. It suppressed all the brilliance, and he could not take his eyes away from her.

As he looked at her, Tang Chen could not help but laugh lightly.

This girl was like a huge treasure chest. The more you dug, the more you could find all kinds of surprises.

Lin Wanwan did not have the energy to care about how he was looking at her. As she drove, she turned and glanced behind.

"So irritating!"

Why were there still so many of them

Continuing to fight recklessly was not the way out. Of the thirty-six stratagems, the best was to run away!

Lin Wanwan thought that they could quickly get rid of them with the speed of the car alone. However, it was unexpected that the road ahead was undergoing construction. The construction team had dug a long ditch that was approximately ten meters deep not too far away in front of them.

It was already impossible to go backwards.

If she continued to drive ahead and they didnt cross the ditch, when the car falls, even if they did not die, they would be seriously injured.

What to do? What to do!

Seeing that they were getting nearer and nearer to the ditch, Lin Wanwan could only drive slower.

As it slowed, the people behind immediately caught up and, once again, sandwiched the sports car.


A bullet hit the car window, which was already swaying. Following the series of crackling sounds, the glass finally shattered.

Oh no!

A hint of frustration flashed past Lin Wanwans heart. She was racking her brains to find a solution to escape.

At this time, Tang Chen asked, "What are you going to do next?"

He did not have a trace of anxiousness or nervousness on his face. His eyes sparkled with eagerness, as if expectant of Lin Wanwans actions to surprise him in response to these dire circumstances.

As Lin Wanwan had no choice but to speed up once again, she glared fiercely at him. "They are all coming at you. You still have the cheek to ask me what to do!"

Tang Chen did not feel apologetic at all. Instead, he asked matter-of-factly, "Isnt it right and proper to protect your own boyfriend?"

""Damn you, boyfriend!

Lin Wanwan did not have time to argue with him. When the car was only 20 meters away from the ditch, she suddenly squinted her eyes.

"Theres no other choice. Lets take a gamble!"

Tang Chens eyes flashed. "How do you want to gamble?"

"Follow me!" Lin Wanwan released the gas pedal. As time was running out, she was unable to explain in detail.

"Tang Chen, Im not obliged to save you. If you can keep up with my thoughts and actions, we would stand a chance. If not, I will burn incense paper for you in the future!"

As her words fell, a Harley, which was the first to take the lead, had already caught up.