Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Dear Youre Great

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Only one meter away from the door, the blond man looked at them sinisterly and raised his gun.

Without the barrier of the car window, the two of them were completely exposed to the muzzle!

Just when he was about to pull the trigger, Lin Wanwan released the steering wheel fiercely.


She squatted into the seat, like a prey waiting to leap. She looked for the right timing, then leaped through the broken window and onto that Harley!

The foreign man was obviously shocked. He looked back and was about to fire at Lin Wanwans head.

Lin Wanwan leaned back and her body was attached flexibly to the bike seat. Her slender legs were like a pair of scissors, sandwiching the mans neck. She twisted fiercely.

A cracking sound could be heard and the man let out a heavy moan.

"Go away!" Lin Wanwan kicked him down with her foot. She sat upright and grabbed the handles with both hands.

All of these happened in a split second.

The first step of the plan, success.

Lin Wanwan felt slightly calm in her heart. Sensing that Tang Chen was yet to sit upright, she was about to urge him when she felt the bike shake slightly and her waist being wrapped within a long arm.

"Dear, youre great," the mans low and pleasant voice sounded in her ears. "Lin Wanwan, I like you so much."

Lin Wanwan was about to scold him when a series of gun sounds blocked her words.

Upon witnessing this scene, the people behind became more anxious. As they fired shots, they sped up and chased them.

Lin Wanwan avoided left and right. "Tang Chen, hold on to me tight. Dont get flung out!"

"Gladly." Tang Chen hugged her slender waist tightly, not forgetting to take a deep breath of her body scent. He said in an intoxicated tone, "What a nice smell."

"" If it had not been a matter of life and death, Lin Wanwan would definitely not have let this go!

Seeing that the enemies were still a distance away from them, Lin Wanwan parked the bike near the ditch. Then, she increased the throttle bit by bit until it reached the maximum. She quickly kept her toes, which were on the ground.

Whiz. Bang, bang, bang!

At the same time as the motorcycle was roaring away, bullets started to fly over. Without any accidents, they hit the air.

At that moment when the bike rose high into the air, Lin Wanwans heart landed on her throat.

She had joined a racing club previously and had raced for a few years, including motorcycle racing.

Even though she was experienced, she was not completely confident that she could leap over this ditch successfully!

Compared to Lin Wanwans nervousness, Tang Chen was like an outsider. He had a lazy look on his face and even leisurely looked down.

"The views not bad. Dont you want to appreciate it too?"

Lin Wanwans mind went blank and she did not have the time to answer him at all.

She did not want to die another time. She must, must succeed!

The few seconds it took to leap across the ditch became exceptionally long.



The bike landed heavily on the flat ground. It shook so violently that Lin Wanwans body leaned forward and she nearly separated her hands from the handles.

It was a success!!!

Lin Wanwan took a deep breath, and her heart gradually fell back to its original spot.

She was about to leave when she suddenly felt that the Harleys center of gravity was misaligned and there was a strong pulling force from the left.

Without waiting for her to react, the wheels that were spinning rapidly slipped and both the bike and her fell to the ground.

Lin Wanwan uncontrollably rolled off the bike for a distance of approximately one meter.

"Whats wrong?" She didnt bother to check if she was injured and immediately stood up.

The wheels were still spinning rapidly and rolling up large clouds of dust.

Compared to Lin Wanwans sorry state, Tang Chen had already jumped down before the crash. There was no dirt on his body at all, and he was still carrying the black bag that Lin Wanwan had seen previously.