Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 292

Chapter 292 Give Me One Minute Ill Give You A Surprise

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At this moment, Lin Wanwan understood everything.

"Tang Chen, did water enter your brain or was it squeezed out by the door? We are on the run. Why are you carrying that bag of garbage around?!"

If not for this thing, the bike wouldnt have flipped just now.

Tang Chen grimaced and laughed. "After all, its a gift from someone. It may be small, but the thoughtfulness is worth far more."

Go and die, slut!Lin Wanwan was in the mood to strangle him to death.

She took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in her, and turned her head back. From a distance, she saw that the group had parked their bikes at the border of the ditch.

It was apparent they didnt have the same determination and confidence to fight. They took out ropes from their bodies, tied one end to their waists, and slid down to the bottom of the ditch.

There could no longer be any delays. Lin Wanwan wanted to hurriedly get the bike up, but Tang Chen was squatted on the ground and slowly opening that bag.

"What are you doing? Lets go quickly!"

"No rush."

The bag was opened. Lin Wanwan glanced at it and realized it was not rubbish inside. Instead, it was a bunch of difficult-to-distinguish parts that were piled up messily together.

Seeing that more and more people were prepared to climb over here, she looked away and could not help but urge, "Stop dilly-dallying. If youre not leaving, Im leaving alone!"

"Ive already told you that theres no rush."

Tang Chens slender fingers prodded through this pile of messy parts. It was as if he sensed her anger as he lifted his head and smiled evilly. "Its not my style to run. Give me one minute and Ill give you a surprise."

Lin Wanwan helplessly held her head. Just when she was about to leave alone, Tang Chen asked, "Do you want to feel regret a second time?"

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She frowned and looked at Tang Chen for three seconds. After that, she started to countdown.

"60, 59"

Shell fight it out and believe him this once!

"So obedient." Tang Chen smiled. "Then, Im going to start."

As the words fell, the fingers that were casually fiddling with the parts changed immediately. The ten fair-skinned and slender fingertips seemed to have gone on acceleration mode. They were moving so fast that Lin Wanwan could not see clearly.

She had been staring into space for a while when she saw a gun-like object appear on Tang Chens hands from seemingly out of nowhere.

As the parts in the bag decreased bit by bit, the half-finished weapon on Tang Chens hands started to be complete.

"3" Lin Wanwan was still staring at this scene as her mouth subconsciously read out, "2, 1."


Tang Chen stood up on time and picked up a small-scale, single-barrel rocket launcher on his shoulders.


Lin Wanwan was so shocked that she did not know what to say. Although she had not been involved in this aspect before, she still had basic common sense.

Tang Chen actually put together a pile of parts into a finished weapon within a minute. This indicated that his speed was unbelievably fast and he had a very thorough understanding of the structure.

This man was definitely not as simple as a corporations President!

Sensing her strange look, Tang Chen smiled gently. "Do you want to try its power?"

Lin Wanwan immediately waved her hands. If someone were to kill her and if she had the ability, she would definitely kill the person back. However, this did not mean that she liked to kill people.

Tang Chen shrugged his shoulders and walked a few steps forward. Upon glancing down, it could be seen that that group of people was climbing up the stone wall.

He curved his lips and smiled. The more gentle and charming the smile was, the darker and colder his eyes became.

"I also prefer to personally give you this surprise."