Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Oh My God We Were Tricked Run Quickly

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The rocket launcher was lowered. Even without aiming, the launcher was already directed at the ditch.

At this moment, the people below also realized that Tang Chen was aiming a rocket launcher at them. They had on frightened looks immediately. Without thinking, they threw the ropes and jumped down.

"F*ck! Lets escape quickly!"

"Oh my god! We were tricked! Run quickly!"


Amidst the panicked voices, Tang Chen threw them a flying kiss. "I will bless you to reach eternal happiness. Bye~"

He put on the shockproof earphones and lightly turned the valve.

The cannonball made a sound as it was fired out and headed straight towards the ditch!


This explosion sound was simply deafening.

The power of the explosion was so strong that it caused the stone walls from both sides of the ditch to shatter. Large rock pieces tumbled down. The people who stayed at the bottom did not have time to scream before they were all buried under the rocks.

"Its settled."

Tang Chen threw the weapon to the ground and patted his hands. He looked towards Lin Wanwan, who had already turned her back around, not knowing when. He smiled lightly and walked towards her, placing his arm around her shoulder.

"You actually dont know how to appreciate such pretty fireworks. Dont you know that I especially prepared this for you?"

She would really want to thank his whole family then!

Lin Wanwan slapped away his hand coldly. At this moment, she heard a rush of footsteps. She turned around and saw that another group of people had arrived opposite the ditch. There were approximately 30 to 40 men. They were all dressed in black and of imposing stature, carrying with them weapons.

"Your men?"


Lin Wanwan kicked with the tip of her foot the rocket launcher that Tang Chen threw to the ground earlier. "Then, fire another shot."

Tang Chen innocently raised his hands. "Theres only one shot and it was used just now."

"" Lin Wanwan stayed silent for two seconds. Then, she grabbed his wrist fiercely and wanted to take off and run.

However, Tang Chen pulled her back. "When are you going to change your temper?"

Lin Wanwan saw that the enemies had split up into two teams. One team took out sniper rifles with a longer shooting range and aimed at them from the opposite side. Another team planned to cross the ditch and come at them directly. How could she not be anxious?


"Shush." Tang Chen interrupted her, his eyes squinted slightly. "Listen."

Lin Wanwan calmed down and, indeed, she heard strange noises.


Two similar yet completely different sounds came from above and from opposite them.

Lin Wanwan subconsciously lifted her head and saw a helicopter hovering in midair. The closed cabin door was printed with a large pair of silver wings.

This mark, which she had already seen twice, immediately had Lin Wanwan excited. She waved her hands, screamed, and jumped. "Lu Zhanbei, Im here!"

Seeing her excited look, Tang Chen sneered and looked across the ditch.

That new group of enemies also realized that there were some strange noises behind them. At the same time that they turned around, they lifted the guns in their hands and started to fire madly.

Dingding Dangdang!

Miraculously, all the bullets were launched back.

Under the moonlight, three ferocious-looking tanks drove over. The metal outer shell shimmered with a cold luster, and it was like a giant monster that was approaching slowly.

This scene made them suck in a cold breath of air.

After discovering that their fired shots could not break through the tanks defenses, they made a prompt decision and jumped down the ditch from the ropes, planning to break out from Lin Wanwans side.

Lin Wanwan was about to escape. However, following a series of footsteps, over ten men dressed in black suits ran out from behind her and raised the machine guns in their hands.

Violent shooting ensued.