Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 294

Chapter 294 We Would Be Eternal Enemies

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A series of screams could be heard from below the ditch.

All of these happened too fast, faster than a tornado.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. Lu Zhanbei was too freaking awesome!

He actually used such large-scale equipment to crush these small characters. Yes, these people could not have come from a simple background, but there was no need to go to such an extent, right?!

At this moment, the helicopter landed near Lin Wanwan. The door opened, and a folding staircase was thrown out. A slender man appeared at the top of the stairs.

With the breeze roaring, he was covered with a long trench coat. The coat swayed along with the wind, and he looked cool and handsome. No one could turn their eyes away from him.

That flawless, handsome smile was as cold as before. The phoenix-shaped eyes swept past the smiling Tang Chen. He finally looked at Lin Wanwan and stretched out his hand, which was in a black glove.

“Come here.”

Lin Wanwan looked like she just got rid of a burden, and she ran over without hesitation.

The corner of Tang Chen’s lips curved upwards, but that smile never reached his eyes.

Lin Wanwan placed her hand onto Lu Zhanbei’s palm. She had not yet walked over when he pulled fiercely and embraced her.

Lin Wanwan’s body stiffened, and she was about to get up.

“Don’t move.” Lu Zhanbei’s tone carried with it some forbearance.

Lin Wanwan could feel his heart beating vigorously, as if telling her of the nervousness he was feeling right now.

After being stunned, she eventually stopped moving.

After a long while, Lu Zhanbei finally released her. His arm was still wrapped around her waist. “I’ll get even with you when we’re back!”

Hearing his anger, Lin Wanwan bit her lip.

It was all an accident, alright? She was innocent!

“You go in first.”

Lu Zhanbei signaled with a look. Lin Wanwan could feel the danger hiding beneath the calm from his expressionless face and dared not refute. She obediently walked in.

“Heh.” From afar, Tang Chen sneered, “Lin Wanwan. Not going to say goodbye to your boyfriend?”

This god of plaque was talking to himself again.

She did not know why, but when Tang Chen said he was her boyfriend in the face of Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan actually felt a moment of guilty conscience.

“If you omit that word, I might be willing to see you in the future.”

Tang Chen raised his eyebrows and followed her good advice readily. He changed his words and said, “Not going to say goodbye to your future boyfriend?”

“” She was not going to debate with a fool. Lin Wanwan chose to slip away.

Tang Chen sighed. He looked troubled and raised his hands. “Lu Zhanbei, tell me. Why exactly do I fancy such a coward?”

Lu Zhanbei looked at him from atop. His gaze was cold, and there was no trace of warmth in his eyes. “Tang Chen.”

Someone seemed to not sense the murderous look in his eyes, and he continued to smile. “Here. I’m here.”

Lu Zhanbei said coldly, “I won’t stop you from liking Lin Wanwan. I also don’t mind if you want to snatch her away from me. She is the best girl and worthy of being pursued. However, if you put Lin Wanwan in danger again, I won’t spare you!”

Tang Chen gave a tsk. “Do I even need you to spare me?”

Lu Zhanbei looked into his presumptuous eyes. “The little tricks you played behind my back. If I didn’t silently agree to them, do you think they would go so smoothly?”

Their gazes met in midair, and the smoke of gunpowder was ignited.

After a long while, Tang Chen smiled lightly. “If that’s the case, I have to thank you.”

Lu Zhanbei looked at him coldly and did not say anything.

Tang Chen raised his eyebrows. “Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t take me too seriously. I, Tang Chen, don’t need to rely on you to survive in Xia country. You don’t need to take into account the friendship we had in the past. Because of Lin Wanwan, we might become eternal enemies.”