Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Theres Only One Her In This World

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Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei sneered. His eyes carried an arrogance that said he was indifferent and never took him seriously. "All the best on your own."

With a bang, the hatch was closed, and Tang Chens unpredictable gaze was cut off.

The helicopter took off slowly and eventually disappeared.

As Lu Zhanbei left, his men immediately retreated.

Very quickly, Tang Chen was left alone.

He casually found a rock and sat down. He took out his mobile and blindly dialed a string of numbers. He had not spoken when an exaggerated voice could be heard from the other end. "Mr. Tang, I know. What you bring to me will definitely be good news!"

"Of course." Tang Chen repeated what had happened simply.

Ao Fu was full of praises. "Mr. Tang, you have found a very good bait. I already know who the traitor in the organization is. I have not seen you, my cooperator, wrongly! However, Lu Zhanbei seemed to care about this woman a lot. He actually personally took action because of her. Should we?"

"Mr. Ao Fu," Tang Chen suddenly interrupted. His gentle voice did not carry with it any form of lethality. "This is the first and last time Im telling you. She cant be touched."

Ao Fu expressed his puzzlement. "I thought you agreed to that woman getting on the car previously to test how important she was in Lu Zhanbeis heart? Now that we have a conclusion, why give up this good opportunity? Didnt we collaborate so that we can deal with Lu Zhanbei together? Isnt that woman a very good bait?"

Tang Chens eyes went extremely cold. "Theres only one her in this world. However, I can have as many cooperators as I want."

Ao Fu laughed out loud and treated this as a joke.

"Mr. Tang, I hope you dont forget the original intention of our cooperation."

"Of course. I hope you dont forget what we have agreed on previously as well."

"Of course!"

After hanging up the call, Tang Chen played with his small mobile.

"Lin Wanwan, Lu Zhanbei"

He looked up at the moon shining brightly in the clear sky and mumbled their names.

He had pursued Lin Wanwan at the start purely for fun and to punish Lu Zhanbei. Now, everything had changed.

Indeed, if he made use of Lin Wanwan well, that was equivalent to controlling Lu Zhanbeis biggest weakness.

However, he did not want to do that.

It was hard for him to finally meet a girl whom he fancied. He didnt want to risk his future happiness just to punish Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei had so many enemies. Once Ao Fu disclosed his relationship with Lin Wanwan, she would no longer have any peaceful days.

It looked like he could not keep Ao Fu by his side anymore.

As Lin Wanwan touched ground, Lu Zhanbei pulled her strongly into Yun Mansion.

"Oh, slow down!"

Lin Wanwan followed suit and looked pitiful.

It was all Baoers fault. She had just sent a message that the problem was settled, and it was just her luck that Lu Zhanbei saw it. If he hadnt, she would still have an excuse to run away now.

Lu Zhanbei dragged her to the bedroom. Lin Wanwan did not get a chance to explain anything as the man forcefully backed her against the wall. He exuded oppressiveness.

Lin Wanwan started to feel uneasy. "You"

Lu Zhanbei opened his mouth. There was a lot that he wanted to say, but he didnt know how to say them.

Thankfully, he had ended a meeting ahead of schedule today. Thankfully, after he finished the meeting, he thought about her and got Gu Mo to check her movements.

When she leaped across the ditch with Tang Chen, he had witnessed the scene with a telescope. Even after a long time, fear was lingering in his heart.

This little girl was too bold!

"Why didnt you contact me?" Finally, Lu Zhanbei had asked in a low tone.