Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 296

Chapter 296 The First Argument

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Lin Wanwan initially wanted to say that she was in a hurry back then and didnt have time to think about him at all. However, from that oppressive gaze, she understood that he was worried about her.

"Tang Chen said that the signal was blocked and we couldnt call out. Im sorry to have made you worry."

Her words didnt alleviate Lu Zhanbeis anger. Instead, his look was colder. "Whatever Tang Chen says, you will believe?"

Lin Wanwan replied weakly, "He shouldnt have a need to lie to me, right?"

Looking at her innocent face, Lu Zhanbei rubbed his thin lips lightly. When he opened them again, his tone carried a trace of warning. "Stay away from Tang Chen from now on."

Knowing that he was in a bad mood, Lin Wanwan could only obediently agree. "Understood, Ill take note."

It was strange, but Lu Zhanbei and Tang Chen didnt seem to be enemies. However, every time they met, she would feel that they were all set for a showdown.

Lu Zhanbeis cold look finally started to soften a little. "Let Gu Mo be by your side from now on too."

Seeing Lin Wanwan frown, he squinted both eyes. "Youre not willing?"

Lin Wanwan was indeed unhappy. She was used to being a lone ranger and didnt like someone following her at all times.

Although Lu Zhanbeis intentions were good, from what Lin Wanwan saw, overprotection was a form of disguised surveillance.

"How can I do that? What will happen to you if Gu Mo follows me? Isnt he your best right-hand man?"

"No need to care about me. I have other arrangements."


Lin Wanwan was still trying to think of an excuse to reject him when Lu Zhanbei coldly interrupted, "Enough. Theres no room for negotiation on this."

His overbearance made Lin Wanwan feel slightly unhappy. However, thinking about how he had treated her well in the past and had just saved her again, she could not help but sigh.

"Lu Zhanbei, can you not treat me like a child? Im not as weak as you think I am, and I dont want to rely on anyone to survive."

This sounded a little like ingratitude. After all, Lu Zhanbei had just saved her. After saying these words, Lin Wanwan started to feel regretful.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her quietly. His eyes were deep and contained so much emotions that Lin Wanwan could not read them.

She bit her lip. "Sor"

She had not yet apologized when Lu Zhanbei interrupted her plainly. "You can think that Im being a busybody or that Im harassing you with unreasonable demands. I admit to all of these. However, I still have to say this. Theres no room for negotiation!"

Upon hearing this, the guilt in Lin Wanwans heart immediately became annoyance and anger. This man was simply too overbearing!

If Lu Zhanbei had used a soft tactic, Lin Wanwan might have compromised. However, she had always had a strong character. The more people forced her, the higher her resistance became.

"On what basis!"


He liked her? Worried about her?

It was useless. In her heart, she might see him liking her as a burden.

"Based on how you are eating and drinking what Im providing and I have saved your life a couple of times. You have to listen to me!"

Upon hearing this, amidst her anger, Lin Wanwan also found it a little laughable. She stared at him and said, "Then I wont eat and drink what you provide anymore. If anything happens to me in the future, dont bother. Just leave me alone to die!"

"Want to burn the bridge after crossing it?" Lu Zhanbei smiled coldly. "Its too late!"

Without giving Lin Wanwan a chance to rebut, he turned around and headed outside.

"Ill give you two choices. Either you agree to Gu Mo staying by your side or youre not allowed to ever step foot outside Yun Mansion again. You choose!"

After saying this, he went out of the bedroom. He did not forget to close the door with an extremely loud bang.