Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Admitting Defeat Immediately In Front Of A Strong Opponent

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Lin Wanwan really did not understand why Lu Zhanbei suddenly became so paranoid.

Indeed, she had nearly lost her life this time. However, wasnt she alive and kicking now? Why wasnt he satisfied after she had apologized and learned her lesson?

"A*shole! You big a*shole!" As Lin Wanwan scolded him, she threw herself onto the big and soft bed.

He said he liked her? Was this how he liked her?

The more Lin Wanwan thought about it, the more grievances she had. She climbed up and pulled open the window curtains. It was just her luck that she saw Lu Zhanbei walking along a cobblestone path.

She immediately yelled, "Lu Zhanbei, you a*shole! If youre capable, then keep me here forever! Ill eat until youre broke and lose all your properties away. Ill let you live on air and youll never be able to rise again!"


Gu Mo, who was walking next to Lu Zhanbei, nearly snorted.

She was too naive. It would not have been a big deal even if ten thousand Lin Wanwans were here to lose all of Sirs remnant properties.

Lu Zhanbei did not bother with someones shouts. He got on the car and leaned his body back. His eyebrows faintly revealed a trace of fatigue.

Seeing that he wasnt looking good, Gu Mo could not help but advise, "Actually, Ms. Lin is not as simple as we thought. She has both the brains and the brawn, and is capable of protecting herself. Theres no need to follow her. After all, she doesnt have any strong enemies."

Lu Zhanbei answered in a low voice, "I know."

Knowing was one matter, but it was another if he could rest assured or not.

Gu Mo said again, "If Im to protect Ms. Lin, and if Sirs enemies could tell that you are concerned about her, then that will bring her even more danger."

Lu Zhanbei stayed silent. The higher he stood, the more powerful his enemies were.

The reason why he had been secretly meeting Lin Wanwan was to prevent those people from laying a hand on her.

"Let me think about it."

How would he not have understood what Gu Mo had said?

It was just that he had already lost Lin Xiao. He could not bear to lose Lin Wanwan too.

Even if there was only a small risk, he was not willing to take the gamble.

Gu Mo smiled like a thief and said all gossipy, "Indeed, you should think about it. Only women and villains are hard to raise. Ms. Lin is really angry this time. If Sir doesnt think of a way to coax her, I dont know how she will create trouble."

Lu Zhanbei sneered coldly. "Is there still a need for a reason when shes in the wrong?"

Gu Mos lips twitched.Youre formidable, you have the ability. If youre really capable, then continue and not admit defeat in front of a strong opponent.

After a while, a hint of unnaturalness flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes and he asked suddenly, "How did you coax your girlfriend in the past?"

Upon hearing this, Gu Mo did a victory sign in his heart. Sir was already being eaten alive by Ms. Lin.

"The bedside fights end on the bed you know," he answered without thinking.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes were complicated as he glanced at him. This look was full of hatred, disdain, and also, a little envy.

"Another way."

Gu Mo scratched his head. After racking his brains for half a day, he slapped his forehead. "Girls generally like romance. Sir can fold her roses from notes and give her a house, and also give her a huge diamond. You can be willful when theres money!

The more Lu Zhanbei listened, the tighter his eyebrows became. "Forget it, Ill do it myself."

Desperate times called for desperate measures. He actually went to consult a man who had been dumped.

Feeling that he was being despised, Gu Mo was a little unwilling to take this lying down.

Lu Zhanbei thought to himself for a while. He took out his mobile, logged into his rarely-used Weibo account, and opened the page of the only person he was following.

At the same time, ding!

The phone sounded with a notification. Lin Wanwan, who was lying on the bed, glanced at it.