Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 298

Chapter 298 The Scheming Boy Strikes Again

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It turned out that a follower had privately messaged her. Lin Wanwan opened the notification and was shocked to find that the person who had privately messaged her was her very first fan!

When she opened a Weibo account back then, no one had followed her. This male fan named Ball had saved her the embarrassment.

Lin Wanwan found this to be very memorable. As there was a Wan in his name, her fans also started calling her Ball.

Ball: “Are you there?”

Lin Wanwan: “I am.”

She clicked on his profile. Besides the necessary fields, there was no other information. He followed only her, and his avatar was a plate of glutinous rice balls.

Ball: “Can I ask you a question?”

Lin Wanwan: “You’re the first fan to have followed me. You have special privilege so ask ahead!”

This Ball did not have the excitement of her fans like when they met their idol. He also never tried to probe into her private life. It was as if he treated her like an online friend, and their conversations were casual.

Ball: “My girlfriend’s angry. What can I do to make her happy?”

Lin Wanwan: “Kneel down to her and then sing ‘Conquer’ a hundred times.”

Ball: “”

Lin Wanwan laughed and was about to type some words when Ball replied with another sentence.

Ball: “When I propose to her, I’ll kneel down. Now is a little too early.”

Lin Wanwan pouted. He was being lovey-dovey in front of her. This world was really full of maliciousness towards singles.

Lin Wanwan: “If you have not made any unforgivable mistakes, as long as you bring out your sincerity, she will forgive you. You can give her a little surprise. When she is touched, you can carry her directly to bed and go at it for 300 rounds. I guarantee the first thing she would say to you the next day is ‘Dear, you’re great. I love you so much~'”

Ball: “”

At this moment, Lin Wanwan realized that she spoke too quickly too, and she instantly became embarrassed.

Oh my, she actually said such no-lower-limit words to her fans!

Quickly! She had to become an idol again!

At the same time, in the car, Lu Zhanbei looked at the tightly shut windows on the second floor. A trace of eagerness flashed past his deep eyes.

Ball: “Will this really work?”

Lin Wanwan: “Haha, I was just joking. As a good youth under the Xing group, how could I do such a filthy thing!”

Ball: “Oh”

Lin Wanwan felt that there was a hint of disappointment in this word.

Lin Wanwan: “The most important thing is to treat her wholeheartedly. Don’t think of spending money to buy gifts and make it up to her. She would definitely not accept it. Instead, take action personally and prepare something she likes. As long as she sees your sincerity, she will be soft-hearted.”

Take action personally

Lu Zhanbei was in deep thoughts. What did Lin Wanwan like?

Ball: “You prefer this kind of method?”

Lin Wanwan: “Yes, it’s my personal opinion. If she doesn’t like it, don’t scold me.”

Ball: “I understand.”

After this sentence, he didn’t continue the conversation.

Lin Wanwan laid down again. Her mood had improved. This Ball was pretty interesting.

It was just that, thinking about Lu Zhanbei, she felt irritated again.

Lin Wanwan really didn’t want to fall out with Lu Zhanbei. She really cherished the relationship they shared. That was why, even though she knew he liked her and that they were not suitable, she did not draw the lines between them.


Lin Wanwan sighed. She tossed and turned for a while and, unknowingly, fell asleep.

When she woke up, it was already daylight. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she opened the door and was surprised to find a flat blue box there.