Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 299

Chapter 299 An Incredible Thought

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What was this? She squatted down and opened the box.


A piece of strawberry cake was inside the box. To be honest, it was average-looking. Even the outermost layer of cream was not evenly spread, and it looked like a pothole. It could not be compared to Jin Tong Que’s desserts at all.

Lu Zhanbei was such a miser! Wasn’t it just a quarrel? Even the quality of the desserts he treated her had dropped countless grades!

Lin Wanwan was so angry she gritted her teeth. She was going to treat this cake as Lu Zhanbei and eat it up in two to three bites.

“Oh” As she chewed, she smacked her lips in hatred.

Not only did it not look good, the taste was terrible too. She did not know which dessert shop he bought this from. Based on the taste, it was courageous of the owner to open a shop.

Lin Wanwan went downstairs and realized there was not a single servant in the big living room.

Her eyes shone. It was a good opportunity!

She must leave today. She didn’t believe that Lu Zhanbei would really imprison her!

She was about to run out when suddenly, a cold and familiar voice sounded behind her. “Where do you want to go?”

“” Lin Wanwan’s body stiffened, and she slowly turned her head around.

Lu Zhanbei was standing there. He seemed to have just showered. His black hair was wet, and a few messy strands of hair were scattered over his fair-skinned forehead. This added a bit of wildness and charm to his elegant and indifferent temperament.

Lin Wanwan was used to revealing an obedient and cute smile. However, the next second, she realized that she was still in a cold war with Lu Zhanbei. Her face immediately fell, and her tone also became hard.

“Today is Monday. I need to go for lessons. If you don’t”

Without waiting for her to finish, Lu Zhanbei said directly, “I’ll send you.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan widened her eyes. “What did you say?”

She was already prepared to fight it out, but Lu Zhanbei was taking the initiative to send her to school?

He was still being overbearing and unreasonable yesterday. Why was it that he was treating her well now? Was he really schizophrenic?

Lu Zhanbei swept his eyes across her lightly. “Hate” was pretty much written on his face. “I can recommend an otologist to cure your deafness.”

Ok. He was still saying such vicious words. This was him, alright.

Lin Wanwan was about to cheer loudly when she thought of the two choices he’d given her yesterday. She asked carefully, “What about Gu Mo?”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her and didn’t say a word. He walked out silently.

Lin Wanwan’s heart sank. It looked like he still wanted Gu Mo to follow her.

Forget it. If he insisted on doing this, her own slender wrist could not win against his big leg. Besides agreeing, what else could she do?

Lu Zhanbei was also thinking about her safety. She should be able to tell good from bad.

Although Lin Wanwan consoled herself that way, she was still unhappy over it. She followed him out without saying a word.

Before getting on the car, Lu Zhanbei called her. Lin Wanwan turned her head and snapped, “What!”

“ Was the cake this morning nice?”

Thinking of that terrible dessert, Lin Wanwan was very angry. Not only did she not say anything, she even turned her head to the side and expressed dissatisfaction towards Lu Zhanbei.

“Tell me!”


Lin Wanwan pretended not to hear him. She pulled open the car door and wanted to get in when someone grabbed her wrist.

Lu Zhanbei’s fierce pull made Lin Wanwan fall into his arms uncontrollably. At that moment, she smelt the fragrance of his shower gel and a hint of sweetness that was easily overlooked.

It smelled like butter.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. An incredible thought appeared in her mind.