Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 30

Chapter 30 We Are No Longer Related From Today Onwards

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After wandering for some time, Lin Wanwan took out her mobile. It was already 11 pm.

“Have to go to bed,” she mumbled to herself and took the original route back to the hostel.

After she walked a few steps, her mobile suddenly vibrated.

Lu Zhanbei?

Lin Wanwan glanced at the caller ID and blinked in surprise.


“Come to the rooftop.”

Lu Zhanbei just said these words and hung up the call.


Lin Wanwan glanced up. Although she was confused, she still climbed up the stairs to the rooftop of the female hostel.

The rooftop was an empty plot of concrete land. Lin Wanwan looked around for a while and realized that this was a good place to enjoy the scenery.

Rumble.The sound of propellers rotating could be heard. It was exactly the same as what Lin Wanwan heard that night.

Could it be

She subconsciously lifted her head. In the faint moonlight, she could indeed see a helicopter hovering in midair.

Lu Zhanbei really came.

The helicopter flew nearer and nearer and stopped above the rooftop. As the door opened, a slender man appeared.

He glanced down and saw Lin Wanwan’s look of confusion.

After that, he jumped!

Lin Wanwan let out a surprised cry, “Be careful!”

A man could be seen hanging on a rope in midair. He descended rapidly in a widely known and elegant posture.

When the roof was two to three meters away, he jumped down lightly and steadily in front of Lin Wanwan.

His long black coat moved with the wind triumphantly and naturally. This scene made him appear a little like the prince in a fairy tale.

Too bad she was no princess.

Looking at Lin Wanwan’s dazed expression, Lu Zhanbei’s lips curved. “Stunned?”

Lin Wanwan snapped back to reality and raised her eyebrows. “Mr. Lu, you always pull off such a showy appearance. Are you showing off on purpose?”

“Showing off? There’s no need to.”

Lu Zhanbei dismissed the thought. He did not have time to talk to her. Without batting an eyelid, he said, “I have completed all three promises to you.”

Lin Wanwan regretted a little.

Not only did she not manage to ridicule him, she also used up her last chance of help. She had suffered a double loss!

“From today onwards, we are no longer related.”

Lu Zhanbei never looked at her again. His cold and handsome profile seemed to be coated with a layer of silver frost from the moonlight. It was exceptionally nice, but also shockingly cold.


As his words landed, he waved at the helicopter hovering in midair.


Lin Wanwan stepped forward and blocked his way. She said confidently, “Mr. Lu, did you think that my third request was purely just to look at you?”

“Eh?” Lu Zhanbei half-laughed. “You want to go back on your words?”

In that one moment, Lin Wanwan thought she saw a look of murder flash past his eyes.

Her heart trembled, but her face was still smiling.

“Don’t worry. I only called you tonight out of boredom. It’s still early now. Take a walk with me. When I’m tired from walking, I will consider this promise fulfilled.”

She’d almost forgotten that this man was not a kind soul.

No matter how gentle he looked in front of her, it could not hide the coldness in his bones.

Lu Zhanbei did not say yes or no. “Ok.”

“Come along then.”

Lin Wanwan led the way down the rooftop. Lu Zhanbei followed her leisurely.

Strolling on the narrow road lined with trees, Lin Wanwan did not speak, as if she really just wanted to take a walk with him.

“Let’s sit here for a while.”