Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 300

Chapter 300 The Best Cake In My Life

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Could it be that the cake was personally made by Lu Zhanbei?

Lin Wanwan was absent-minded. Lu Zhanbei had already pinned her against the car door.

She lifted her head and looked directly into his cold eyes. She suddenly rubbed her lips and smiled with a little playfulness. "Is kabedon fun?"

Looking at her sudden soft and cute smile, Lu Zhanbei lost himself for a moment.

"Dont know what that means?" Lin Wanwan tilted her head and pushed him away forcefully. "Then Ill demonstrate it to you one more time!"

She grabbed Lu Zhanbeis tie and turned her body. She quickly exchanged positions with him and pinned Lu Zhanbei against the car door.

She then lifted a leg and pressed it down directly onto the car roof.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan pulled down the hand that was holding his tie. She felt Lu Zhanbei lowering his head. She smiled in satisfaction and lifted her beautiful head. With her chin slightly lifted with some arrogance, she looked like a noble and cold queen.

"What you did just now was a kabedon. Mine is a leg split. Understand?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her slender calf and looked enlightened.

"Very good." Lin Wanwan was about to lower her leg when suddenly, her face changed. She gave an "oh, no!" and said hurriedly, "Help me quickly. My legs cramped!"

Lu Zhanbei silently lifted her up horizontally and dumped her into the car.

Lin Wanwan looked embarrassed. Damn, it was hard for her to make a pretense in front of Lu Zhanbei. To think that she had failed again. What a shame!

Lu Zhanbei saw that she looked like she could not wait to find a hole to drill in. His lips curved into an undetectable smile. "Stretch out your leg."

Lin Wanwan obediently stretched out the leg that was cramped. At that moment, when Lu Zhanbei reached out and prepared to knead her leg, Lin Wanwan was shocked and she subconsciously wanted to retract it. However, he grabbed hold of her ankle in an instant.

"Stop moving."

His kneading movements were soft and gentle, making Lin Wanwan feel embarrassed and shy. She felt she was being disrespectful too. "Actually, Ill be better after a rest. You dont have to"

Lu Zhanbei did not even lift his head up. "Lin Wanwan, youre seventeen, not forty-seven. Its a little early to enter menopause stage."

In other words, she was naggy.


Fine. He was the one who insisted on kneading!

Lin Wanwan relaxed her body and started to enjoy the beauty service.

After a long while, she could not help but look towards Lu Zhanbei. It was a little dim in the car, but that could not hide his serious eyebrows. He rubbed his thin red lips lightly and looked a little stern, as if he was performing something that was very important to him at that moment.

As she looked, she suddenly curved her lips and smiled. "Lu Zhanbei."


"The cake was delicious. Its the best cake Ive eaten in my life."

Lu Zhanbei froze in his movements. He suddenly lifted his head, and there seemed to be stars shining in his eyes.

The two of them looked directly at each other. In that instant, the atmosphere became strange.

Lin Wanwan could clearly feel that her own heart was beating vigorously. Unknowingly, the tip of her ears were slightly stained red too.

She coughed unnaturally and was about to say something to break this strange silence.

Suddenly, Lu Zhanbei gave a tsk. "Lin Wanwan, it looks like you have issues with your taste buds too."

Although he didnt try it beforehand, he knew the taste would definitely not be good based on the looks alone.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. Was she being despised despite complimenting him?


She turned her head in anger and didnt see Lu Zhanbeis lips slowly curving up.

Lin Wanwan did not intend to let Lu Zhanbei knead her leg for too long and she retracted it after a few minutes.