Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Just For You I Will Be Fine

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"Its not painful anymore. Start driving. If you dont, Ill be late."

Only then did Lu Zhanbei sit upright and personally drive her to the schools back gate.

Before getting off the car, Lin Wanwan hesitated for a while.

"Lu Zhanbei"

"Lin Wanwan"

Both of them started to speak and then stop at the same time.

Lin Wanwan smiled. "Ill go first?"

Lu Zhanbei lifted his chin, indicating ladies first.

Lin Wanwan bit her lip and looked into his eyes. "I agree to Gu Mo following me. However, when Gu Mo is not around, you must pay more attention to yourself when youre alone. Just like how you are worried about my safety, I also wish you will be fine."

After saying this, she felt that her cheeks were inexplicably hot.

Seeing her blush suddenly, Lu Zhanbei felt slightly stunned. Gradually, that pair of black eyes shone like stars. "Just for you, I will be fine."

Lin Wanwan felt uncomfortable with him staring deeply at her. She immediately changed the topic. "What did you want to say just now?"

"I wanted to say that if you really dont want Gu Mo to follow you around, thats ok too. However, if you encounter similar incidents in the future, you must contact me right away."

Lin Wanwan was at first stunned. Then, happiness gradually filled her face. "If I promise you, would your words still count?"


"Thats great!"

Because Lin Wanwan was excited, she did not hold back. She lowered her head and hugged Lu Zhanbeis waist. Like a spoiled child, she used her face to rub against his chest.

"Thank you. To be able to know you, Ive probably used up all my luck, eh?"

As Lu Zhanbei witnessed her happy look, a trace of warmth flashed past his eyes. He reached out and played with her hair.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan calmed down slightly and left his embrace. She tried hard to pretend that nothing had happened and said, "Im going to be late. Ill get going first."

Lu Zhanbeis deep eyes lingered on her red ear tips for a while. "Go. If you dont, youre delaying my time too."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

This guy really changed his face faster than turning a book.

After alighting from the car, she suddenly turned back and smiled towards Lu Zhanbei.

This smile was pretty and dazzling. It was very infectious, and one could feel the joy that she was radiating from inside out.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei suddenly realized that just by looking at her smiling face, the satisfaction he gained surpassed everything.

It was not until Lin Wanwans figure disappeared that Lu Zhanbei took his gaze back. He was in a rare good mood.

He clearly knew how stubborn Lin Wanwan was. However, she was willing to give in to him this time. Although she could not accept his feelings for her yet, one of these days, he would definitely be able to occupy her heart completely, and everything else.

In the classroom, Lin Wanwan recalled what she had said to Lu Zhanbei previously in the car and how she took the initiative to hug him. She looked like her mind was elsewhere.

After the morning revision, the teacher announced that final exams was in a months time.

All the students let out tragic screams. Lin Wanwan didnt have much reaction though. To her, the final exams meant the holidays were here. Perhaps she could go out then and relax.

On Friday, she went to the production set, as usual.

After filming a night scene, Yu Xi, who was arranging for others to set up the next scene, told her, "Wanwan, youre about to head to the lounge? Perfect. Help me get Luo Han over here. Its going to be his turn soon."


Lin Wanwan went to Luo Hans lounge and knocked on the door. There was no response.

She knocked a few more times, but there was still no movement. She was worried that something had happened.