Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 305

Chapter 305 A Dream Like Kinship

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Indeed, Lin Wanwan had seen shameless people before. However, she had never seen a shameless person quite like her before.

She picked up her bag and changed into a pair of flats. "I made you a plate of seafood fried rice. Its still warm in the insulation pot. Remember to eat it."

"Ok, bye~"

Lin Wanwan went out and headed to Jewelry City. She approached the counter that was selling jade.

After choosing for half a day, Lin Wanwan chose a piece of jade Buddha made from "mutton fat" jade. The jade Buddha was crystal clear and lifelike in appearance. One look at it and people would love it so much that they could not bear to part with it.

Lin Wanwan remembered that Old Master Lin believed in Buddha. Seeing the price of 780,000 yuan, she smiled and said, "Please help me to wrap this up."


At four in the afternoon, Lin Wanwan reached the Lin familys villa punctually.

Standing outside the metal gate, she looked at the surrounding environment. She had not been here for only a few months, yet she felt that this was so foreign to her.

Seeing that she had arrived, the servant immediately opened the two carved metal gates. "Second Miss, please come in. Old Master Lin and Matriarch Lin have already been waiting for a long time!"

Lin Wanwan walked in without a word. As she reached the entrance, she heard a series of cheers and laughter.

A person whose old voice was a little foreign to Lin Wanwan smiled light-heartedly and said, " Siqing is getting prettier and more sensible. At such a young age, she knows to buy a gift to respect her grandma. I have really not doted on you for nothing!"

"Its rightful for a granddaughter to be filial to a grandmother." Lin Siqing held Matriarch Lins hand and started to act like a spoiled child. "Oh right, Wanwan will be back today. The gift she prepared for grandma will definitely be better than mine. After all, shes now in the entertainment circle. I heard that she earns quite a bit in a year."

Upon hearing this, Matriarch Lins face sank. She complained with a dissatisfied look, "We, the Lin family, are respected in the Imperial Capital. She is, after all, a decent girl from a respectable family. Instead of studying after she had recovered, she entered the entertainment circle. Doesnt she know how low and cheap the status of an actress is?"

It was apparent that Matriarch Lins thoughts still stayed in her era.

"Enough." Eventually, Old Master Lin didnt agree with what she said and interrupted her. "Wanwans going to be back soon. What are you saying all of these for? What era is it now? Youre still using the old-fashioned term for an actress. So unpleasing to the ear!"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwans eyebrows became gentler. Grandpa was still protecting her the same way as in her memory.

Matriarch Lin became angry at once and slammed the teacup in her hands heavily on the coffee table!

"Jiang Yutang, if you think its unpleasing to the ear, then dont listen and get lost! Im Lin Wanwans grandma. So what if I criticize her? Shes just an unlikeable fool. Is she worthy of you protecting her so many times?"

"You" Old Master Lin was not good with words. He was so angry that his chest was bulging, and he couldnt say a word.

Lin Siqing glanced at the grandpa who was always protecting Lin Wanwan and lowered her eyelids to hide her secret gloating smile. On the surface, she still looked like an obedient girl.

Lin Qinghao wanted to smooth things over a couple of times. However, he was sandwiched between his parents.

"Grandpa!" At this moment, Lin Wanwans crisp voice traveled in. "Im back!"

Old Master Lin, whose face was full of anger initially, immediately smiled. Seeing the young girl walk towards him from not too far away, he waved kindly.

"Come over quickly. Let Grandpa take a look!"

Lin Wanwan obediently walked over and placed her hand into Old Master Lins wrinkled but warm palms.

Sensing the care from his eyes, Lin Wanwan did not know why but her eyes started to feel moist.

This was her dream-like kinship. It was this feeling that made people feel very warm.