Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 306

Chapter 306 Getting Away With Infuriating Someone 1

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“Grandpa, I missed you.”

Matriarch Lin snorted coldly and said sarcastically, “Lin Wanwan, your wings have hardened now, huh? Not even going to greet me when you see me?”

She was different from Old Master Lin in that although both of them were old, his handsome youth could still be seen on his face.

To Lin Wanwan, Matriarch Lin’s appearance was not flattering at all. She had a big and long face and thick lips. Especially when she looked over bitterly with her pair of inverted triangle eyes, that innate sarcasm and meanness instinctively made people feel disgusted.

She was simply just like the Nurse Rong in the novel!

“Grandma.” Enduring the sense of disgust in her heart, she said sweetly, “How could that be? The most respectable person in Wanwan’s heart is you. Siqing Sister was right. Wanwan had spent a lot of effort in preparing you this precious gift. When you see it, you will understand how respectful I am to you.”

After saying this, she cast a meaningful look at Lin Siqing.

Coincidentally, Lin Siqing was also looking at her.

Their eyes met. Lin Wanwan could clearly see the strong sense of hatred from her eyes. However, she dropped her head the next moment and looked obedient, gentle, and weak.

Lin Wanwan smiled even deeper.

Oh, how interesting.

She thought that after suffering a loss once, Lin Siqing had finally learned her lesson. Now, it looked like Lin Siqing didn’t turn smarter. Instead, she had learned how to tolerate.

In Lin Wanwan’s memory, Matriarch Lin liked to listen to flattery and was a little greedy. When she said that, a smile immediately appeared on Matriarch Lin’s fallen face.

“Really? What gift is it?”

Lin Wanwan took out an exquisite rectangular box from her bag. “Grandma, please accept this.”

Matriarch Lin smiled and received it. She opened the box.

The moment she saw what was inside, she was stunned.

Inside the seemingly stylish box was actually a pair of socks?

The most crucial thing was, this pair of socks was extremely crudely made. There were messy thread lines everywhere.

Seeing such a gift, Matriarch Lin’s face turned extremely cold in an instant.

Lin Siqing seized this opportunity. As she used a hand to cover her gloating expression, she said in shock, “Wanwan, this is the so-called ‘precious’ gift you’re referring to? Why do I feel that this was picked up from the rubbish bin? How could you give this to Grandma! That’s outrageous!”

Matriarch Lin stared at Lin Wanwan coldly, as if she could eat her alive.

Seeing this situation, Lin Qinghao immediately tried to smooth things over. “Mother, Wanwan is still young and not sensible at times. You know her situation too. She had just recovered from her illness, so it’s inevitable she’s a little foolish at times. Don’t mind her”

Old Master Lin nodded and was about to speak.

“Everyone, shut up!”


Matriarch Lin slapped the coffee table. Her face was filled with anger as she pointed at Lin Wanwan and scolded her. “Isn’t she not a fool anymore? I bet she did this deliberately. She doesn’t have me, this Grandma, in her eyes! The slut child of a shameless mistress. If I had known you would anger me this much today, I would have sent you to the orphanage the year you were born!”



Lin Qinghao and Old Master Lin wanted to persuade her, but Lin Siqing stepped forward and said, “Grandma, don’t be so angry. It’s actually normal for Wanwan to have grievances in her heart. After all, our family had neglected her so much in the past. As long as you care more about her from now on, she will definitely understand how gentle and kind a grandma you are.”