Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Getting Away With Infuriating Someone 2

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Lin Siqing put on a mask of being considerate. It would have been better if she hadnt said anything. After Lin Siqing spoke, Matriarch Lin was even angrier.

"She still dare to have grievances? Shes an illegitimate daughter. Is she fit for me to care about her? Im already being magnanimous by not driving her out. She even dared to use this to be sarcastic towards me now? I have really raised such an ungrateful brat!"

The more she spoke, the angrier she became. She raised the exquisite cane in her hand and wanted to beat Lin Wanwan with it.

"Yunfang!" Old Master Lin started to feel anxious and wanted to stop her.

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly in her heart. On the surface, she looked scared and leaned her body towards the direction of Lin Siqing.

"You still dare to hide?!" Matriarch Lin flared up and fiercely waved her cane over.

"Grandma, dont hit me!"

Lin Wanwan pretended to be frightened and squatted down. The cane barely brushed past the top of her head and it hit Lin Siqing hard on the shoulders.


Lin Siqing, who was initially waiting for the show to start, was hit so hard that she trembled. She let out a pig-like scream, and her tears fell almost immediately.

Upon witnessing this scene, not only were Lin Qinghao and Old Master Lin stunned, Matriarch Lin was a little helpless too.

"Siqing, how are you?" In the end, Lin Qinghao was the one who helped the trembling Lin Siqing up.

"Its all this damned brats fault!"

Matriarch Lin glared fiercely at Lin Wanwan. She was about to hit her again with her cane when Lin Wanwan said with a wronged look, "Grandma, what exactly have I done wrong? I have personally made this gift overnight. Every needle and thread represent my filial piety to you. Its ok if you are not satisfied. Why must you hit me?"

Upon hearing this, Old Master Lin said in admiration, "What a good child"

Listening to her say this, Matriarch Lin couldnt beat her anymore. She smiled coldly and said, "Indeed a mistresss illegitimate child whos low class and doesnt know how to present herself well."

The way she put down Wanwan made Old Master Lin very upset.

"Grandpa, Wanwan has prepared a gift for you too." Lin Wanwan dug out a small blue box from the gift bag and smiled shyly. "As it was too rushed, this gift definitely could not compare to the gift Ive prepared for Grandma. I hope you wont be angry."

Old Master Lin smiled and received the box over. "Ill like anything that Wanwan gives me."

Seeing Old Master Lin happily opening the box, Matriarch Lin snorted coldly in disdain.

Lin Siqing, who had accidentally been hit, was angry and said, "Even worse than Grandmas could it be that you have casually picked up another piece of rubbish to give Grandpa? He dotes on you so much and youre earning quite a bit in a year now. However, you cant even bear to buy a decent gift. Is this your filial piety?"

Lin Wanwan lowered her head with a wronged look.

Lin Siqing immediately smiled and leaned over to Old Master Lin. "Let me see what rubbish you have given Grandpa"

When she saw the crystal clear jade Buddha in the box, she exclaimed immediately, "How could this be!"

Matriarch Lin casually looked over and widened her eyes as well.

Although the Lin family was not considered one of the wealthiest in the Imperial Capital, they were still a little famous. Matriarch Lin had lived extravagantly all her life, and she could tell from one look that this jade Buddha was carved from "mutton fat" jade and was worth at least a few hundred thousand yuan!

Lin Wanwan gave her a pair of broken socks but gave the old man a jade Buddha that was worth over a few hundred thousand yuan!

Matriarch Lins expression changed and she swept her sharp eyes over.


At this time, Lin Wanwan was still looking guilty. She sighed and laughed bitterly. "Regardless of how expensive a gift bought with money was, how could it compare to a handmade gift? I have spent all my time and effort to prepare a gift for Grandma, and could only casually buy a jade Buddha for Grandpa. I have really let Grandpa down."