Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Unable To Flare Up

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Matriarch Lin glanced at the beautiful and precious jade Buddha in Old Master Lins hands, then at the broken pair of socks she received.

She gritted her teeth. She was so angry that she felt fire was burning in her heart. However, because of Lin Wanwans words, she was unable to flare up.

In the end, Old Master Lin was the one who stopped this commotion.

"Forget it. Wanwans filial piety to the two of us is the same. Gifts are just a way of expressing that and its not important. Ok, lets start eating."

A row of people moved to the restaurant. Because of the gift, Matriarch Lin and Lin Siqing were still feeling a little unhappy.

At the dining table, Matriarch Lin looked at Lin Siqing and asked with a smile, "Siqings hitting eighteen years soon, right?"

"Yes, three more months to eighteen."

Seeing how well behaved she was, Matriarch Lin nodded in satisfaction. "Youre an adult after eighteen. Youre pretty and also the right and proper big missy of the Lin family. Whichever man who can marry you in the future will be greatly blessed."

She deliberately emphasized the words "right and proper".

Lin Wanwan pretended not to understand what she meant and silently ate.

Lin Siqing was so shy that her face flushed red. She looked at Matriarch Lin in embarrassment. "Grandma~"

"The little girl is shy." Matriarch Lin smiled and said with sincere words and earnest wishes, "As women, we only have that few years of our youth, so we have to seize the opportunity early. Listen to me. While youre still young, quickly find a good man. If not, when youre older and your youth is gone, finding a good man would be harder than going to heaven."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan felt super uncomfortable.

This old woman had an unusual old-fashioned way of thinking. Lin Siqing was still underage. Wasnt it a little too early to talk to her about marriage and kids?

Lin Siqing swept her eyes over Lin Wanwan. A glimmer of light flashed past her eyes. Then, she smiled shyly.

"Grandma, actually I already have a boyfriend."

"Really? Whose young master is it?"

"I will bring him over on the day of Grandpas birthday party. You will know then."

"Sure, sure, sure!"

Matriarch Lin smiled with vigor. However, Lin Qinghao felt that Lin Siqing was still young and shouldnt fall in love so early.

Before he could reprimand her, Matriarch Lin glared at him warningly. "I have already given birth to you when I was seventeen. Siqing is a big missy. Of course we should plan for her earlier!"

Lin Qinghao knew it was useless no matter what he said. He could only shake his head and smile bitterly.

Matriarch Lin looked coldly at Lin Wanwan once again and said, "Our Siqing is still the most capable, unlike some low-class person. To wash a pig is to waste both water and soap. I dont even know if a certain someone can be married off this lifetime. I could only wish for her not to be an old lady and depend on the Lin family for life. If not, that would be incredibly shameful!"

With regards to words, Matriarch Lin pointed at one but abused another with them. Lin Wanwan pretended not to hear. When she saw Old Master Lin frowning, she shook her head slightly at him.

Old Master Lin was stunned. His eyes were apologetic, as if criticizing himself for not protecting her.

Lin Wanwan could be said to have understood how sarcastic this Nurse Rong was today. She didnt know how Grandpa had managed to live with her for so many years.

After dinner, Matriarch Lin started to discuss with Lin Qinghao about the birthday party. Although it was held for Old Master Lin in name, it was obvious that Matriarch Lin was the one who made the call.

She and Lin Qinghao discussed happily for a long time. In the end, they decided to hold it at a luxurious manor three days later.

The time and venue were decided on. Lin Wanwan got up and prepared to leave.

She had endured for so long and had long wanted to go.

It was just that