Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 309

Chapter 309 Lets Wait And See

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She looked towards Old Master Lin and was wondering if she should stay to accompany him. However, Old Master Lin signaled her with his eyes to leave quickly. He understood that if she continued to stay, she would surely be targeted.

A hint of sorrowfulness flashed in Lin Wanwans heart. However, she curved up a sweet smile and said, "Ill get going first, Grandpa. Ill see you again another time."

"Ok, the skys getting darker. Leave quickly."

"Goodbye, Grandpa."

From the beginning to the end, Matriarch Lin didnt look at Lin Wanwan.

Lin Siqing suddenly stopped her and said with a smile, "Wanwan, your welcome gift to grandpa is already so precious. I believe on the day of his birthday party, you will definitely give him a more expensive and precious gift. Im looking forward to it a little. Grandpa, Grandma, Wanwan will definitely not disappoint us, right?"

Matriarch Lin finally looked towards Lin Wanwan. She sneered with disdain, "I hope so. She has always liked her grandpa. Of course she wont disappoint him. If she doesnt produce a gift that surprises us even more on the day of the birthday party, then that means her filial piety and sincerity are just all talk, no actions."

Lin Siqing smiled in agreement. The way she looked at Lin Wanwan bore bad intentions.

On the day of the birthday party, not only did she prepare a gift for Old Master Lin, she also especially prepared a big surprise for Lin Wanwan.

Listening to the two of them in perfect harmony, Lin Wanwans eyes went cold. "Although I feel that sincerity is the most important in a gift, since Grandma had said so, of course I cant disappoint everyone."

It looked like something interesting was going to happen on the day of the birthday party.

Then lets wait and see!

After leaving the Lin family, Lin Wanwan walked by the road, cold air blowing towards her. Thinking about the birthday gift, she could not help but have a headache.

At this moment, the mobile in her pocket vibrated. She glanced at the caller ID, came to attention, and immediately answered the call.

"Lu Zhanbei, Im at Kangping Road, near the Lin family home. I cant hail a cab. If you are free, can you fetch me?"

"Wait for me for fifteen minutes."


In the end, within fifteen minutes, Lu Zhanbeis showy car stopped in front of Lin Wanwan.

She pulled open the car door and realized that the one driving was Lu Zhanbei himself. She got into the passengers seat. As she buckled up her safety belt, she said, "I have applied for leave today and dont need to return to school. Send me directly back to the condominium."

Lu Zhanbei started the car. From the corner of his eye, he saw her troubled look and squinted his eyes slightly.

"What happened? Someone bullied you?"


When she returned to the Lin family this time, she was only criticized by that old woman and that young girl. It had little impact on her and she didnt take them to heart.

After hesitating for a while, she shared what happened and thought to seek Lu Zhanbeis opinion as well.

"Tell me, what kind of birthday gift should I get so that my grandpa will be happy and that cheap grandma will be unhappy?"

Lu Zhanbei sneered and curved his lips. "Thats easy. Hand this over to me. I guarantee that Ill prepare a gift youll be satisfied with."


Lin Wanwan blurted out. After seeing Lu Zhanbeis face fall slightly, she smiled in embarrassment and quickly explained, "Mr. Lu will definitely produce something exquisite. That Matriarch Lin is greedy. What if she sees the gift youve prepared and snatch it away from Grandpa? Where will I go to cry?"

Lu Zhanbeis face softened. "Dont worry, she cant snatch it away."

Lin Wanwan was still feeling conflicted.