Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 31

Chapter 31 None Of Your Business

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Lin Wanwan positioned herself comfortably on the bench. She pointed at the space beside her, signaling for Lu Zhanbei to sit. After he snappishly plopped himself on the bench, a loving smile accosted him.

“Mr. Lu, am I pretty?”

Lu Zhanbei leered with flickering eyes.

Just as Lin Wanwan was about to draw the curtain, knowing that Lu Zhanbei had seen through all the tricks up her sleeves, he answered:

“Not that ugly.”


Not to boast, but her appearance can never go beneath 95 out of 100.

But to him, it’s just “not that ugly”? Is he blind?

Lin Wanwan took a minute to calm herself down. “So Since I’m ‘not that ugly,’ could you mercifully forgive me for a trick that I played?” she proposed, employing her puppy eyes once again.

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes, gazing at her radiant smile with suspicion.

“What is it?”

“Actually” Lin Wanwan said, staring at her fidgeting fingers. “It’s April Fools today.”

Lu Zhanbei got a hold of the situation, but he still questioned, “So?”

“Getting you to come here today was just a prank.”

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her. There was no sense of anger to be felt, and yet, the tension was so immense that Lin Wanwan felt a shiver run down her spine.

“I’m serious. It’s April Fools, and you are the one who came over without even checking the date. You can’t blame me for being so careless, can you?” She held her trembling hands together and tried to talk a good game.

With not a word of reply, a simple grin escaped from the edge of Lu Zhanbei’s lips. To Lin Wanwan, it was like the devil’s smile.

Keeping a favor, or offending him, it was a difficult choice to make.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something to lighten the tense atmosphere.

At that moment, an odd noise surrounded them.

“Hmmm Ahhh”

A light moan interrupted the stillness, right on the heels of sounds of undressing.

Lin Wanwan shook subconsciously and turned to Lu Zhanbei.

He looked cold and distant as usual with his raised brows. He appeared to be listening attentively to the moaning as his dark eyes sparkled with a tiny bit of interest.

Lin Wanwan curled her lips and started listening as well.

“Babe, turn around and face me What the hell, where are your breasts!?”


Upon hearing that, Lin Wanwan immediately covered her mouth so as not to let her chuckles out.

“Honey, come in, faster!”

The girl whispered, delicate and erotic, “Quick, I can’t take it anymore~”

“ But I’m already in.”

This is a story about a flat-chested princess and a little rabbit[Rabbit refers to a man with weak sexual capabilities].


Lin Wanwan couldn’t contain her laughter any longer. Her giggles instantly alerted the couple.

“Ah! There is someone out there!”

“Who is it?!”

“Oh no, they heard me!” Lin Wanwan sprang up and grabbed Lu Zhanbei by his hand.


Before Lu Zhanbei could let out a word, Lin Wanwan had already dragged him out of the garden.

Her laughter was the only thing left in their wake.

Lu Zhanbei took a peek at her. Her brows twitched as she snickered, carrying a sense of pizazz that Lu Zhanbei had seldom felt in his life.

For a brief moment, he was a little absent-minded.

The face right in front of him brought him memories of someone who possessed comparable hilarity.

This was the second time that Lu Zhanbei had found the shade of that woman on Lin Wanwan.

After racing a long way, Lin Wanwan finally stopped. She glanced around while gasping for air.

“They should not have chased this far, right?”

Compared to her discomposure, Lu Zhanbei didn’t break a sweat. The only change was that his hair became more wavy due to the wind.

“Why did you run? You didn’t even do anything wrong.”

Right, what did she run for