Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 310

Chapter 310 Pink Bubbles Are Spreading

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She wasn’t someone who liked to owe people favors. She had pleaded with Lu Zhanbei in the past as a last resort. She wouldn’t feel good in her heart if she had to ask him for help for such a small matter.

Lu Zhanbei knew what she was concerned about. His eyes turned colder gradually, but he said in a jovial mood, “It won’t be anything too precious.”

Lin Wanwan secretly pouted. She was not going to believe him this time!

Previously, he had actually described that gorgeous and extravagant gown personally designed by Jennifer as “casual” and “making good use of waste material”

She could not help but ask, “What is considered precious to you?”

Lu Zhanbei stared at her fixedly and clearly said a word, “You.”

“” In an instant, Lin Wanwan’s face turned completely red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

What was going on with this rhythm of saying love words? Which romantic ghost had possessed Lu Zhanbei? Huh?!

A lot of scenarios were running in her head. Lin Wanwan’s eyes moved swiftly, and she dared not look at him straight in the eye.

Lu Zhanbei appreciated her completely red cheeks. He curved his lips and looked a little evil.

Pink bubbles were spreading rapidly in the car

Half an hour later, they arrived at their destination.

As the car came to a stop steadily, Lin Wanwan immediately pushed open the car door and got off. She wanted to rush in directly but had just run a few steps when Lu Zhanbei grabbed her collar from behind.

Lin Wanwan could only be thick-skinned and turn around. “Is anything else the matter?”

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows but didn’t say a word. He only stared at her quietly.


The way he looked at Lin Wanwan gave her goosebumps. After stuttering for a long while, she could not say a complete sentence.

Finally, her brain twitched and she unexpectedly invited him. “Why not come up and take a seat?”

It was as if Lu Zhanbei was waiting for this sentence. “Ok.”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. He really didn’t know what “only being polite” meant.

As they reached the rented condominium, Lin Wanwan took out her keys and opened the door. “Oh right, Baoer lives here too. Don’t mind her.”

Thankfully, Baoer was around. If not, she would really feel uneasy if there was only a man and a woman in the room.

Lu Zhanbei replied plainly, “She’s not in.”

Lin Wanwan didn’t take what he said to heart. She even teased him, “How do you know? Could it be that you have eyes on this condominium too?”

Lu Zhanbei did not explain further. At the entrance, he had coincidentally seen Ruan Baoer leaving by a taxi.

Lin Wanwan pushed open the door and entered. She realized it was pitch black inside.


She called her name but didn’t get any response. She immediately glanced at Lu Zhanbei sulkily, “I guess you are right.”

She didn’t eat much at the Lin family previously. Lin Wanwan was very hungry and dashed straight into the kitchen.

Lu Zhanbei was sizing up the surroundings when a head popped out from the kitchen and shouted, “I’m preparing a meal. Do you want one too?”

Lu Zhanbei replied without any hesitation, “Yes.”

“” Did he not have the word “polite” in his dictionary?

“What do you want to eat?”

“Same as you.”

Lin Wanwan stuck her head back into the kitchen. As there were not a lot of ingredients and she was simply too hungry, she prepared two simple plates of Eight-Treasure Fried Rice.

When she served them out, Lu Zhanbei was already seated at the dining chair, ready to start.

“Here.” Lin Wanwan put one of the plates in front of him and did not forget to compliment herself. “Although this rice looks very ordinary, it tastes extraordinarily good!”

Lu Zhanbei looked at her gleeful face and hid a smile in his eyes. “I’m looking forward to it.”