Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 312

Chapter 312 The Birthday Party 1

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Lin Wanwans lips twitched. She could not tell that Lu Zhanbei had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

At the dining table, Lu Zhanbei had eaten all the fried rice, including those from her plate. She could not help but laugh as she cooked a bowl of noodles. She forced down a few mouthfuls before returning to her room to sleep.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan realized that Ruan Baoer didnt return all night. She sent her a message. After knowing that she was safe, she went to school without worries.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of Old Master Lins birthday party.

There wasnt anything for her from the production team. Lin Wanwan returned to the condominium and prepared to let Ruan Baoer dress her up.

At Lin Wanwans request, Ruan Baoer gave her a fresh makeup look. She matched it with the one shoulder dress Shangguan Xi had sent over a few days ago. She looked fresh and good-natured, which was very suitable for the occasion tonight.

Just as she left the condominium, she received a surprise call from Luo Han.

"Luo Han, is anything the matter?"

Luo Han did not answer and instead asked, "Today is your grandpas birthday?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"Your father sent an invite to the Luo family." Luo Han said apologetically, "I have something personal to attend to tonight so I cant be there personally to celebrate your grandpas birthday. However, Ive already gotten someone to send a gift over."

Lin Wanwan expressed understanding. "This is a small matter. Go and do what you have to do."

Luo Han held back his words for a while. " Regarding the other time, sorry. Also, thank you."

Lin Wanwan said in embarrassment, "As long as you dont blame me for being a busybody."

"As a way of expressing thanks, Ill treat you to a meal when youre free, ok?"

"Ok, no problem."

After hanging up the call, Lin Wanwan felt a little strange.

Before Lu Zhanbei confessed to her in a state of drunkenness, she was determined to pursue Luo Han.

She was very clear that she didnt have any special feelings for Luo Han. However, she just wanted to fall in love and, also, to help the real Lin Wanwan fulfill her dream.

Since she could maintain so many years of friendship with Luo Han previously, it meant that their characters were compatible. After they got together, they should be able to be a blissful couple.

However, she hesitated now.

Before clarifying her feelings for Lu Zhanbei, she shouldnt continue pursuing Luo Han. She didnt want to be a woman of loose morals.

Lin Wanwan walked out of the entrance and was about to hail a taxi when a black Bentley stopped in front of her.

As the car window rolled down, Gu Mos handsome face was revealed. "Ms. Lin, Sir got me to send you over."

Lin Wanwan smiled. "Hes still so meticulous!"

This timing was the peak period for office workers. She was initially still worried that she wouldnt be able to hail a taxi.

"To Jingtai Manor."

That was considered to be one of the more popular manors in the Imperial Capital. The decorations were magnificent, like those of a small palace. The owner had been living abroad for a long time and decided to rent out the manor to rich families to hold parties.

Along the way, Lin Wanwan appreciated the scenery outside the window while chatting casually with Gu Mo.

"Where did your Sir go to?"

"Currently sleeping."

Gu Mo initially wanted to say that Lu Zhanbei was personally selecting a gift for her when he remembered what he was told and decided to change his words immediately.


Lin Wanwan chuckled and expressed disdain. "Can you find a better excuse? Hes not the kind to invert day and night."

As the lie was exposed, Gu Mo thought for a long while before saying, "Then Ill let you know again after Ive thought of a better excuse."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan smiled sulkily. This man was as stupid yet cute as ever.