Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 313

Chapter 313 The Birthday Party 2

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After seeing Lin Wanwan get off the car, Gu Mo drove off.

The vast manor was already full of lights. The parking lots outside the door were full of luxury cars. From time to time, glamorously dressed men and women alighted from their car and were led in by the waiters.

An exquisite garden was on the right side of the hall. Under the embellishment of the different-colored lights, the scene was beautiful and dream-like.

A huge swimming pool was on the left. There were a few beautiful girls talking and laughing there.

Unlike in an ordinary banquet, everyone would gather together in a birthday party to have a meal to celebrate for the birthday star.

Lin Wanwan arrived a little late. As such, she didn’t stay for long at the hall and headed straight to the restaurant.

More than ten dining tables were arranged in an orderly manner inside. The tables were full of dishes that looked, smelled, and tasted good. They were steaming hot too.

The guests were seated one by one, and they chatted with the people around them. It was a crowded sight.

Lin Wanwan walked over to the foremost main table. Only a few people were seated here.

Old Master Lin and Matriarch Lin sat in the middle. Lin Qinghao and Lin Siqing were seated left and right next to them.

In addition to these people surnamed Lin, there was also an unfamiliar man sitting next to Lin Siqing. He was whispering something to her.

“Wanwan’s here!” Lin Siqing saw Lin Wanwan from the corner of her eye and immediately smiled and greeted her. “Take a seat quickly. We have been waiting for you for long.”

Lin Wanwan sat next to Lin Qinghao. She curved her lips sweetly to Old Master Lin, who was wearing a dark red Chinese costume. “Grandpa.”

Old Master Lin smiled kindly and nodded.

As they were in public, Lin Wanwan could only greet them one by one.

Matriarch Lin snorted and her message of scorn was clear. However, Lin Qinghao was slightly excited and responded to her.

Sensing that Lin Wanwan was sizing up that unfamiliar man either by design or accident, Lin Qinghao took the initiative to do the introductions. “He’s Mr. Jiang Jiyue, Siqing’s boyfriend. His mother is from Xia country and was married in M country more than 20 years ago. He had always lived abroad and only came back a month ago to Xia country to develop himself.”

Jiang Jiyue stood up and stretched out a hand to Lin Wanwan. “Hello.”

As a mixed-blood, he had the handsome and tough look of a Westerner and the elegance of an Oriental. Although he was young, he had a stability that was not compatible with his age. His charming blue eyes were calm and restrained.

“Hello.” Lin Wanwan shook his hand politely.

She realized that his palm was full of calluses, especially the web between the thumb and forefinger. The calluses were shockingly thick.

If she didn’t remember wrongly, Lu Zhanbei said before that a person good with guns would have calluses around the web between the thumb and forefinger.

This man was not ordinary.

Various thoughts flashed past Lin Wanwan’s mind. On the surface, she portrayed the look of a shy and introverted good girl and quickly retrieved her hand.

Jiang Jiyue sat down again. He was completely absorbed in staring ahead. His back was completely straight, like a cheetah waiting to leap. Beneath his calm appearance, he was full of vigilance and aggression.

Although he wore a custom-made designer suit, no matter how Lin Wanwan looked at him, she didn’t feel that he was the young master of a rich family.

She was afraid that something huge was going to happen at the party today.

Lin Wanwan’s arrival attracted the attention of a couple of guests.

“That’s Lin Wanwan. She entered the entertainment circle to be an actress. She’s not bad-looking. No wonder my daughter has been so obsessed with the drama she acted in recently.”

“She’s the missy of the Lin family after all. She’s actually willing to be an actress. How self-degrading!”

“Don’t spout nonsense. She has someone behind her. His background isn’t ordinary”