Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 315

Chapter 315 Making Things Difficult

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In the face of everyone’s compliments, Lin Siqing’s eyes gradually became smug. On the surface, she looked embarrassed and smiled slightly with her head lowered. She looked at Jiang Jiyue shyly.

“Jiyue had helped me prepare this birthday gift. I’m just a student. How could I compare to this young master who is worth billions of US dollars? However, I was the one who personally chose this gift.”

Worth billions of US dollars?

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. It looked like Lin Siqing’s boyfriend didn’t come from a simple background.

If they could take this opportunity to seek connections

The smiles on their faces were more passionate, and they even had on looks of flattery. They surrounded Lin Siqing and Jiang Jiyue and never stopped the compliments.

Lin Siqing’s face turned completely red from the compliments. She could not control herself and revealed some arrogance.

However, that Jiang Jiyue was still remaining silent and seemed all the more mysterious.

The two of them and Matriarch Lin were happy from all the flattery. On the other hand, the main character for today was squeezed to an unknown corner.

Lin Wanwan’s pretty face sank. She felt it was unfair to Old Master Lin!

Amidst the commotion, she felt someone pulling her hand suddenly. She turned and met Old Master Lin’s warm and gentle eyes.

“Good girl, Grandpa has lived for so many years and is long used to such things. You’re still so young. Don’t frown all the time. Give me a smile. Grandpa likes to see you smile.”

Lin Wanwan’s heart turned sour, and she tried her best to force out a soft and cute smile.

Old Master Lin smiled along too. He touched her head and said, “Obedient granddaughter.”


Lin Wanwan was about to say something when suddenly, Lin Siqing walked over. Her face was still smug from all the flattery before.

“Wanwan, I have already given my birthday gift to Grandpa. Your gift is still not here yet?”

Meeting her sneering eyes that were full of arrogance, Lin Wanwan could not help but curve her lips up slightly.

Right. This was the real Lin Siqing.

It looked like she didn’t turn smarter or learned how to endure. Someone should have already given her pointers.

A pity she was so disappointing and had revealed her true colors so quickly.

Lin Siqing felt inexplicably uneasy after seeing Lin Wanwan’s smile. Her smugness subsided and she calmed down.

“Why are you smiling? Could it be that you haven’t prepared anything and what you said that day were just empty words to fool us? How could you do that”

Her tone changed from puzzlement to surprise, and in the end, to disappointment.

Upon hearing this, everyone could not help but cast looks of contempt at Lin Wanwan, as if looking at a brat who didn’t understand filial piety.

As Lin Siqing self-directed this scene, Lin Wanwan was still not panicking.

“Ms. Lin!” At this moment, Gu Mo’s voice could be heard from afar. “The gift that you’ve prepared is here!”

Upon hearing this, everyone looked over unanimously.

Two burly men followed behind Gu Mo. They were carrying something that looked heavy. However, as it was covered by a red cloth, one couldn’t see what it actually was.

Lin Wanwan blinked. Lu Zhanbei should change his name to “Timely Rain” already.

“Put it down.” Gu Mo waved his hand, and the two bodyguards immediately placed the item they were carrying onto the middle of the aisle. “I have completed my mission. I’ll get going first!”

Gu Mo came like the wind, and was gone with the wind.

Everyone looked at one another for a while. After that, they immediately swarmed towards it and surrounded it. They started to size it up.

“It’s so big. What’s inside?”

“Could it be a screen decoration or something?”

Listening to everyone’s chatter, Lin Siqing sneered.