Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 316

Chapter 316 I Dont Mind Sending Whoever Touches Her To Hell

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Playing tricks. She didnt believe that Lin Wanwan could come up with a gift that was more expensive than hers!

Amidst the chatter, Lin Wanwan was also curious about what exactly Lu Zhanbei had sent over. She was about to step forward and unveil it.

However, Lin Siqing could not control herself and grabbed hold of a corner of the red cloth. She put on a fake look of surprise. "This is the surprise Wanwan prepared? I have been looking forward to this for so long. Let me unveil it!"

After saying this, she raised her arm.

With a rustling sound, and following the uncovering of the red cloth, the contents were exposed to everyone.

This was a big stone with a length, width, and height close to one meter.

There was dead silence for a few seconds.


Lin Siqing laughed out loud. She could no longer conceal the contempt that she had suppressed strongly.

"This is your so-called birthday gift that would surprise all of us? A stone. Haha. Its indeed worse than the gift you sent Grandma previously. Could it be that you have really picked this up from some junkyard?"

There was still a glimmer of expectation in the onlookers hearts initially. Now, it had all turned into disdain.

"She actually gave her own grandpa a stone as a birthday gift. It would be better not to give anything. Who does she want to disgust with this?"

"Hadnt she already recovered? Why do I feel that shes become more foolish now"

"They are both daughters from the Lin family. Why are the differences so huge? No wonder one is the right and proper big missy while the other is a lowly actress whos better kept under the table. Its ok if she wants to self-degrade. Now, she even added shame to the Lin family in public. She still had the cheek to say that this was a surprise. What an embarrassment!"

When Lin Wanwan saw this stone, she was quite speechless too.

She had indeed asked Lu Zhanbei to send over a more special gift. However, she didnt ask him to get a stone.

Listening to how others were ridiculing Lin Wanwan, Lin Siqing covered her mouth and the gloating expression on her lips. She felt happy all over, as if she had drunk a cup of ice water on a scorching hot day.

Matriarch Lin was so angry that she turned ghastly pale. She hit the ground heavily with her cane and said, "Lin Wanwan, I dont have a granddaughter like you. Get out immediately!"

Lin Wanwan stood rooted to the ground. She knew that Lu Zhanbei was not someone lacking tact.

He must have his reasons. There was definitely a meaning to this stone.

Matriarch Lin saw that she refused to leave. Instead, she walked over to that stone.

Matriarch Lins anger was the kind that resulted from her dignity being challenged. She pushed away Old Master Lin and Lin Qinghao, who wanted to dissuade her, and shouted with anger, "Come here! Throw away this thing that displays such disobedience to the elders! From today onwards, I dont ever want to see her again!"

Two security guards ran in and were about to touch Lin Wanwan.



A gunshot rang through the hall. At that instant, everyone was shocked.

A lazy voice that carried unparalleled flamboyance and recklessness traveled in. "I dont mind sending whoever touches her to hell."

Everyone turned their heads in fear.

At the hallway, a tall and slender young man swayed over.

He had a handsome face that could make all the women in the world blush uncontrollably. Especially when those evil-looking peach-shaped eyes swept over them, he had a temperament and charm that was enough to make people feel an irresistible impulse to do so.

He stopped in his tracks and stowed away his fake toy gun. After his gaze landed on the young girl, he never shifted his eyes. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Come over to pick me up."

It was as if Lin Wanwan did not know he was calling for her. She looked around blankly and realized that the rest of them had sucked in a cold breath of air.

"Young Tang?!"