Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Supporting Her

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Everyone was shocked yet pleasantly surprised. They had tried all means previously to try and strike up a relationship with Tang Chen but did not manage to meet him even once. However, he actually appeared here today!

Tang Chen turned a blind eye to those passionate stares. His gaze was still fixed on the person who was pretending to be a fool.

"Lin Wanwan, are you really not coming over?"

Upon hearing this, they immediately looked towards Lin Wanwan and could not conceal their shock.

Could it be that he was here for Lin Wanwan?

The people who were present and had paid attention to news in the entertainment circle had heard about the rumors between the two before. However, their attitudes were like the majority, who disapproved of this and felt that Tang Chen couldnt really like her.

However, at this moment, they were somewhat uncertain.

Lin Wanwan sneered in her heart. On what basis did she have to go over just because he said so?

"Heh." Tang Chen smiled coldly, his face revealing a hint of danger.

Just when everyone thought that Lin Wanwans haughty behavior would provoke Tang Chen and cause him to fly into a fury, the man who had an unsatisfactory expression previously suddenly curved his lips and smiled.

"If youre not coming over, then I am."

After saying this, he walked up in big strides and stopped next to Lin Wanwan. Tang Chen stretched out his right arm and was about to hug her small waist.

"Dont use your hands and legs!" Lin Wanwan distanced herself from him in scorn.

Looking at her fair-skinned profile, Tang Chen looked helpless. "Youre still so heartless. What choice do I have? I just like to be tormented by you."


It was not only Lin Wanwan who was speechless. The rest looked like they had seen a ghost.

Could it be that what was said on the Internet was true? Tang Chen had unrequited love for Lin Wanwan!

Witnessing this scene, all the daughters from rich families revealed expressions of envy, jealousy, and hatred. Especially Lin Siqing, whose arrogance and contempt earlier were now replaced by envy and hatred.

Tang Chen had both power and authority, and his looks could be said to be perfect. Which woman would not want to be liked by a man like him?

The fire of jealousy was burning in Lin Siqings heart. When she saw Matriarch Lin using an anxious and doubtful gaze while sizing Lin Wanwan up, she was especially filled with so much hatred that she nearly bit a tooth.

"Are young Tang and my sister friends?"

Lin Siqing suddenly asked in an innocent and puzzled tone. This successfully pulled over everyones attention.

"Wanwan and our Lin family are blessed to be friends with young Tang. However, Wanwan, these matters are independent of each other. You still did wrong today. Even if you dont want to see Grandpa and Grandma again, you cant just casually pick up a broken stone and use it as a birthday gift. By doing so, youre letting Grandpa down after all the protection he had given you before. Also, you are neglecting the guests."

Not only did these words pull back the topic again, Lin Wanwan was also being further criticized.

The people who had forgotten about the matter because of Tang Chens arrival immediately felt dissatisfied.

Lin Wanwan glanced at Lin Siqing and had the urge to clap for her.

She had really done a good job digging this hole.

Tang Chen suddenly laughed by the side and asked, "This person is your sister? Real sister?"

Lin Wanwan did not understand why he asked this and answered truthfully, "Same father, different mother."

"I really cant tell." Tang Chen swept his eyes over Lin Siqing and immediately shifted his gaze in scorn. "Shes not as pretty as you. Her figures not as good as yours. Her character is horrible too. Why are there such huge differences if you are biological sisters? Could it be that there are some problems with the mothers genes?"

He looked confused, as if he really didnt understand.

Upon hearing this, Lin Siqing could no longer maintain her noble and dignified look. She was so angry that her faces color alternated between green and white.

The word "disdain" was almost written on Tang Chens face. "The most crucial thing is shes blind."