Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Unwilling To Take This Lying Down? Hold It

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Everyone present should have understood by now. Young Tang was obviously supporting Lin Wanwan.

Lin Siqing could not tolerate it any longer. The look she threw at Tang Chen was filled with grievances and some anger.

She didn’t care that Matriarch Lin had signaled her to endure from her eyes. She asked in a pointed tone, “Young Tang, what did I say wrongly? Even if you like Lin Wanwan, you can’t deliberately degrade me just because you want to protect her. I’m not willing to take this lying down!”

Tang Chen could not even be bothered to look at her. “Not only is she blind, she’s also stupid in a refined way.”

Lin Wanwan could not help but hold her forehead. He was the President of a multinational corporation. Was it necessary to bicker with a little girl?

Obviously, Tang Chen felt that it was necessary. He snorted and his red lips curved up, taunting her.

“Firstly, I do like Lin Wanwan. Also, it’s because I want to protect her that I’m deliberately degrading you. Unwilling to take this lying down? Hold it!”

“” Everyone’s lips twitched.

Young Tang was indeed like the rumors said. Not only was he willful, he was also quite shameless.

Well, he did have the bargaining power to be willful though.

With everyone looking sympathetically at her, Lin Siqing’s face with its delicate makeup turned bluish white and was interlaced with embarrassment and humiliation. She gradually clenched her fists tightly by her side.

If it was not for Matriarch Lin, who pulled her back, she would have dashed out long ago!

Tang Chen continued at an appropriate speed, “Also, who are you to say that this is a broken stone? You’re blind and mentally unsound.”

Lin Siqing could no longer suppress the anger in her heart. It was as if she finally found a point she could vent on and refute with.

“What is this if not a piece of broken stone? Since Lin Wanwan wants to shame her own face, can’t I say a few words about it? Even if you deliberately want to defend her, you can’t stop the mouths of so many people!”

A few people nodded silently in their hearts. Lin Wanwan was really lacking tact for using this as a birthday gift.

Tang Chen swept over their strange expressions and said, “Lin Wanwan, have you heard before that like attracts like and birds of a feather flock together?”

“I’ve heard it before. Why?”

Tang Chen’s smile carried incomprehensible ridicule. “An idiot’s friends are normally idiots too. Your sister is blind, so the guests she had invited have eyes serving as decorations as well. So many people here, and yet none of them could recognize an original gambling stone. I rest my case.”

Lin Wanwan felt helpless at his vicious words. The people who were being scolded flushed red as well, but they also understood the meaning behind Tang Chen’s words.

They looked at that big stone again and carefully sized it up.

Upon closer inspection, they realized that there were ripples on the stone’s surface and fog underneath it. The color was clear. It was indeed an aggregated stone.

Gambling stones were gambling games that rich people often played. There were a number of people present who played before, but none of them could recognize it as, number one, they didn’t observe carefully, and number two, they didn’t expect that Lin Wanwan would give an aggregated gambling stone as a birthday gift.

It was just that this stone

“Its head is a little big, and the color’s not uniform. It’s like a hodgepodge. I have played for many years, and this looks like a waste stone to me.”

“Hodgepodge the description is apt, but it really doesn’t look like it can turn green.”

“This wouldn’t be a waste stone thrown away by some gambling stone farm, right?”

People in the know discussed fervently, and they gradually shook their heads and sighed.

When Lin Siqing heard that this was an original gambling stone, she felt uneasy. She was afraid that Lin Wanwan had arranged this long ago so that she would be taken by surprise.