Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 319

Chapter 319 One Divides Into Two

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Listening to the whisperings, she felt more confident again. She raised her voice and said, "Wanwan, rubbish thrown out from the gambling stone farm is still rubbish. You actually picked it up and used it as a birthday gift. Its really an eye-opener for me to see your brand of filial piety towards Old Master Lin!"

As soon as the words came out, someone immediately echoed, "Exactly. If youre short on cash, you could have told your sister. She might have helped you, and you could still be able to step down from the stage in front of young Tang!"

"I dont know why young Tang fancies such a woman. That foxy face. Snort. I hate it when I see it!"

Lin Wanwan looked over and realized that the people who chimed in were young daughters from rich families. All of them had jealous looks.

Her lips curved up into a smile. Since this was a gambling stone, she was more confident now.

At this moment, Tang Chen suddenly patted her head and flashed a showy smile.

"Dear, I know what you want to do. However, let the man handle such tough work. You just need to be an obedient girl and watch quietly by the side."

All the daughters from prestigious families, including Lin Siqing, were so jealous that their eyes turned red.

Damn! What was so good about Lin Wanwan that Tang Chen was so committed to her?

Clap clap clap. Tang Chen suddenly clapped his hands.

After a few minutes of preparation, a few bodyguards in black walked over in big strides. Someone carried a tray with eccentric-looking knives on them.

Another person was carrying a weird-looking machine. Guests who were in the know immediately recognized that this was a professional stonecutter who worked in gambling stone farms and with him was a machine used to divide stones.

Tang Chen slowly put on a pair of white gloves. He swept his eyes across those who were previously making noise.

"Its not up to you useless bunch of people to determine if this is a waste stone or not."

This sentence was incredibly flippant. However, regardless of how angry everyone was, they dared not voice it out.

Tang Chen took out a sharp stone cutter from the tray. He used his fingers to bounce off the blade. Then, he looked towards Lin Wanwan and smiled casually.

"This is the first time Im cutting a stone for someone. If I dont manage to cut out an emerald green imperial jade, dont blame me for bringing you home to warm up my bed."

Lin Wanwan glared at him and urged, "Stop spouting nonsense. Cut quickly!"

"Ill obey your command."

Tang Chen had responded lazily. Under everyones nervous stares, he rolled up his sleeve and revealed a fair-skinned, thin arm. He raised the stone cutter, aimed it at the center of the stone, and cut it directly!

The hard stone was instantly divided into two.

Tang Chen lifted his foot and kicked away one of the pieces.

"This is useless."


He raised his arm again and brought down the blade. The half-meter stone was now divided into two again. Tang Chen got his men to carry away the upper half of the stone, and he brought down the blade again.

After cutting it a few times, the original stone that had a height, width, and length of one meter was reduced to the size of a wash basin. The audience, who had been watching with avid attention for a long time, started to feel disappointed.

"What did I say just now? Its just a waste stone. Even if it was ground into powder, there wont be any pieces of green. I have played gambling stone for so many years and wouldnt make a mistake!"

"Young Tang is a good player in the commercial world. However, when it comes to this, his skills are still lacking."

"He insisted on helping Lin Wanwan out. I fear hes going to be implicated now. If word of this gets out, he would probably be mocked too."

As the discussions sounded, Lin Siqing became more and more complacent. That illegitimate child wanted to steal the limelight from her? She was still tender!